Peach and orange tea with macarons

Today I am feeling blessed. Not only did I finally receive my flowers from #1 son I also received a package from #2 son. A box of seasonal flavoured macarons. These were from the company who had provided their unusual wedding cake. (Pyramid of macarons). Last night the gift from #4 son arrived. A set of marble plant pots.

This morning I had a video call as my grandson played in a play area on his way to nursery. Then this afternoon I had a video call with my granddaughter who now associates talking to granny with time to draw.

I finished my afternoon (prior to having a much needed nap) with a cup of peach and orange tea together with a jasmine earl grey macaron. Mother chose rose petal rhubarb. Other flavours to try are lavender petal lemon curd, chocolate caramel sea salt and gin cucumber.


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