Perhaps I should apologise

Maybe I should apologise to my family and friends. That doesn’t mean that I will though. Is it my fault or were they just reading between the lines? Is it my fault if everyone put 2 and 2 together and came up with 5?

It was merely a thought that had been going around in my head for a few days. I have been saying for ages that I don’t want this stage in my  life to occur too soon. Many of my friends have been enjoying this stage in life for several years already, but for me the time just hasn’t arrived, much to my great relief. Recently though I have been mulling it over, would it really be the end of the world? People have been telling me that I will love it, but no, I have steadfastly refused to allow the possibility to become reality in my head.

Feeling mischievous, I decided to put my thoughts out there in the form of an observation. I knew that there was a chance that my words could cause a stir amongst my family. I figured it would be mildly amusing to see if it would get the family jungle drums beating. Sure enough excitement was growing among my friends near and far.  I could almost see the smiles from various parts of the country as well as from Australia. Even family members began to notice.

Later I mentioned to Skater about a particular photo I had seen, it was very unexpected and actually rather heart warming. It was a black and white image of Prodigal smiling down at a small baby he was holding in his hands. I have no idea whose baby it is but the look on my son’s face was a pleasant surprise. (he told me, a while ago, that he doesn’t care much for babies and small children and it will be sometime before he and his partner have a family.) Skater went to look at the photo for himself.

I was in the kitchen when Skater informed me that I had caused something of a ‘kerfuffle’. He had seen my facebook status.

Not sure if I shall ever be ready but gradually coming around to the idea of being a grandparent

A number of my friends have congratulated me. Some have asked which of my sons is becoming a father. Pug has been left astonished.

I do think the whole thing is funny. Am I not allowed to say that after years of watching my friends delight in their grandchildren, I am now beginning to feel that maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad thing if my children started having children of their own, once they are settled in their own lives.

My body has been telling me that I am starting to feel more like a second hand motor with bits going wrong, than a new car that’s full of vigour and umph. Maybe I should stop saying that I am far too young to be a grandparent. Maybe I should accept that eventually it will happen. Hopefully whilst I am still young enough to enjoy the new generation.

So if my words have caused heart failure among my boys and their partners then I am sorry for that but otherwise I make no apology for saying maybe grandchildren may not be so bad after all.