When will I see the sun rise?

This morning was my third attempt in the last week to see the sun rise. As yet even though my radio assured me this morning that the sunrise would be good it wasn’t. I sleep at the front of the house and the sun rises at the back. My mother sleeps at the back and gets the sun coming through her window in the mornings. For me to see it I have to get downstairs to my chair by the window before the sun is due to rise. No easy feat. Not only do I need to be awake at the right time but I have to negotiate my way around the stairlift. When the chair is at the bottom of the stairs it’s easy to get past. When its at the top I have to raise the foot rest and the arm rest then squeeze around it. I generally tend to go up first at night and down after my mum in the morning. Obviously I could go down in the chair itself and send it back up again but I don’t unless I am feeling particularly unwell.

Anyway this morning I rushed downstairs got myself settled ready to watch the wonderful colours wash the sky. With just minutes to spare my body decided to revolt. Causing me to dash to the downstairs toilet. As quick as I could I got back to my chair. The minutes passed, the sky got brighter and brighter. some of the trees were tinged with gold but that was it.

Late this morning I needed to take mother for an appointment at the Drs. When we were all done I decided not to go straight home. For the past year Mother has only left the house to go to medical appointments. I took her to look at the sea. Unfortunately although it has been a bright sunny day there was a mist over the water, so not much to see today.

A few days ago I put a handful of peanuts into an empty mealworm tub, with the lid loose. Yesterday I watched Roger remove the lid but instead of putting his head inside to eat the peanuts to my astonishment he grabbed the lid, jumped up on to the railing then up onto the fence before racing along the fence with the lid in his mouth. Later both Ginger and Biscuit found the peanuts and had an afternoon snack. Today I put a few more peanuts into the now lidless tub. After several attempts the squirrels had eaten the nuts. The tub being picked up examined and rolled around. To my amazement this afternoon Roger was examining the now empty tub. With great difficulty he managed to get onto the rail and then the fence with the tub in his mouth. He made slow progress along the fence but I have not seen Roger or the tub since.