Breakfast Club May 2013

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Peggy Sue All American Cruise Show

The theme on this occassion was soft top Sunday. Here is a selection of what I saw.

For the moment I am just uploading the photos that I took on this occasion. Once I have finished I shall go back through the page adding in my comments.

The cars you will see here are in no particular order other than the order in which I saw and photographed them.

RenaultIMG_0402Austin Healey 3000  IMG_0403  IMG_0404   IMG_0405  IMG_0406IMG_0413  IMG_0414Here we have a three wheeled Messerschmitt in a rather fetching bottle green  IMG_0416  IMG_0417

Here we have a Jaguar from the Jaguar Clubs of North America IncIMG_0418  IMG_0419  IMG_0420

IMG_0421  IMG_0422  now for something different

IMG_0423  IMG_0424

IMG_0425  IMG_0426

IMG_0427  IMG_0428  IMG_0429  IMG_0430  IMG_0431  IMG_0433  IMG_0435  IMG_0436  IMG_0437  IMG_0439  IMG_0438    IMG_0442    IMG_0443    IMG_0444   IMG_0441IMG_0440   IMG_0445

IMG_0446    IMG_0447  IMG_0448  IMG_0449IMG_0450  IMG_0451  IMG_0452   IMG_0453  IMG_0454 IMG_0455 IMG_0456  IMG_0457  IMG_0458  IMG_0459   IMG_0460

IMG_0461    IMG_0462 IMG_0463  IMG_0464IMG_0465    IMG_0466IMG_0467 IMG_0468 IMG_0469   IMG_0470 IMG_0471 IMG_0472   IMG_0473   IMG_0474  IMG_0475   IMG_0476  IMG_0477    IMG_0478  IMG_0479       IMG_0480  IMG_0481  IMG_0482  IMG_0483    IMG_0484  IMG_0485 IMG_0486   IMG_0487  IMG_0488  IMG_0489     IMG_0490  IMG_0491  IMG_0492  IMG_0493  IMG_0494 IMG_0495 IMG_0496  IMG_0497 IMG_0498  IMG_0499  IMG_0500  IMG_0501 IMG_0502   IMG_0503  IMG_0504  IMG_0505  IMG_0506 IMG_0507  IMG_0508 IMG_0509   IMG_0510  IMG_0511  IMG_0512  IMG_0513 IMG_0514  IMG_0515  IMG_0516   IMG_0517   IMG_0518  IMG_0519     IMG_0520

IMG_0521  IMG_0522       IMG_0524  IMG_0525IMG_0523   IMG_0527


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