It’s been a long time coming

Well unexpectedly today has been the day.

Today it has been raining heavily for mos of the day. However after being ill for a couple of days and not able to get out delivering or collecting catalogues, I was determined to get out there this evening.

This posed a problem for me in that none of my trousers were suitable for going out in the rain. All my jeans are wide legged (which I hate but have never had any other style due to my size and I always buy cheap supermarket ones). Even the trousers I wear for work would be getting soaked.

I decided to have a look in the bottom drawer of my wardrobe to see what was lurking there. Now that I have lost some weight there might be something suitable. Alas all I could find were more pairs of wide legged jeans.However I did find one pair that didn’t seem to be quite as long as the others. Looking a the label I was sorry to see that they were size 18, no way would I get into them just yet.

I did decide to have a try though. I sat on the end of the bed putting first one foot then the other into the legs. Hmm I doubt I will get them on. To my surprise not only did I manage to pull them over my backside I also got the button and zip done up (without having to lay on the bed). So this evening I went out doing my catalogue pick ups in jeans that I have not worn since before I met Owl. Ok so they did get wet around the hem but who cares when I have managed to wear size 18 jeans again.

It might seem to some that getting into size 18 jeans is not such a great thing but when you have been wearing size 22 for a few years it is great.