Old enough

I have this saying that I sometimes use when asked my age…..

Old enough to know better but young enough to enjoy it.

Now I don’t know if I made that up myself or if I had read/heard it somewhere else first. If you have heard it before can you please let me know.

I am one of those people who refuse to grow old. Unfortunately my body didn’t get the same memo as my mind. I can pretend to be responsible when I have to. But even the most serious situations can’t keep my bad sense of humour locked away totally.

One of the most difficult things I find about being my age is that I still feel 16….not so bad I guess except that I have now reached that time in my life that I had never believed would happen. Every darn one of my 4 sons is now older than I feel. So how does that work then?

Although I do take a small comfort in the theory that girls mature quicker than boys. I remember my parents saying that the ideal age difference for a couple is when the boy/man is 4 years older than the girl/woman. If I think of my boys being mentally 4 years younger than their age it makes my youngest son younger than my imagined age whilst my third son is the same age as I am. Nothing I can do about my older boys though.

Old enough to know better hmmm that implies that I am doing things that I shouldn’t be doing because I am now too old.

I drink lemonade and cola ….but I also drink tea

I like to wear sexy lingerie but I do wear plain cotton if I am going to be in them all day

I like to wear pretty shoes (the higher the heel the better in my book) but I also have a few pairs of comfortable shoes if there is much walking to be done. Grudgingly I have flat shoes for driving.

I like short skirts but wouldn’t wear them in public any more.

I use facebook and now have an iphone but I don’t use twitter.

I may be old now ok not so old really but in the eyes of the youth (I turned 50 in 2012) but I am not yet ready for my slippers and  hot mug of cocoa at night.