Meeting Texas

Tuesday 4th June 2013

After a good night’s sleep we lazed in bed watching tv, before wandering off to find the local shops. It was time to begin a bit of retail therapy. First stop was Payless shoe store, I needed new sandals and some flat shoes for anytime we might go walking. Owl needed some lighter shoes than the boots he had brought with him. He loves his Caterpillar Boots but it was just too hot to wear them all the time. I had to check with the sales lady which sizes we were looking for. Something I should have done back home before we flew out.  I settled on a pair of striped slip-ons and Owl got some canvas Oxfords.

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Next stop Ross Stores where I bought some black sandals and Owl bought some shorts and t-shirts. After this we just had a mooch around for a while before heading back to our hotel to await our lunch guests. By the time they arrived it was about 2pm but it didn’t take long for the four of us to pile into the mustang with the roof down and head into downtown Petaluma to Missy M’s favourite place to eat,  McNear’s . Today was the day fathers dread.

Meeting the boyfriend for the first time. Missy M and Texas have been together for 3 years but this was the first time Owl got to meet Texas. He seems to be a very confident and pleasant young man. The two young people obviously care about each other. Conversation between the four of us flowed easily. The food was very nice and very plentiful. Owl, Missy M and I all chose taco salad I have never seen such a huge taco shell.

IMG_0680We realised once our food was in front of us that we really should have shared.

After we had all filled our bellies as much as we wanted to we had a walk up and down the street window shopping. We had of course to enter those dens of iniquity that lure our men folk through their doors. A couple of music shops. Here are a few of the guitars we saw there.

IMG_0683  Missy M and I both loved the pink oneIMG_0682this one I took through the window so it hasn’t come out too well but the design was very pretty.

IMG_0681 Owl particularly liked this upside down guitar.

Texas had to be somewhere else so we drove back to the hotel where we said our goodbyes and that was the last we saw of Texas during our trip.


Driving shoes

Yesterday when I came in from work Owl was watching Top Gear on Dave. I have no idea how old the show was. Anyway apparently James May had said that you can tell what car a person drives by their shoes. He apparently demonstrated this by looking at a woman and saying that she drove a Nissan Micra which she confirmed was correct.

Ok I concede that this might be possible with some people. But what would he conclude if he met me? I like to wear high heels, although now that I have passed my half century I am more often opting for slightly more comfortable heels perhaps 2″ rather than 3 or 4. But I found several years ago that constantly driving in heels led to the creation of a groove in my drivers floor mat. This began to cause occasional problems with my heels getting caught.

For this reason I have got into the habit of driving in flat shoes which I change out of after driving. Sometimes I don’t bother to change and spend the next few hours in my flats.

Now my shoe habits do not change according to which vehicle I am driving. I wore the same shoes whether driving my late Toyota Corolla or our Chevrolet Blazer, two very different vehicles.  05-01-07_red shoeSP_A0020HELLOMOTODo you have different shoes according what you drive?

Different decorations

      Last week we had a lunch date with Owl’s sister and brother in law. But first Owl gave them a quick tour of our house so they could see the changes we have made since their last visit. Neither of us had given it a thought but Sis(Chicken) noticed our unusual decorations in our bedroom. It was something Owl had done as a joke one day. We both decided that we liked it, (we do like to be a little different anyway). Besides being as short as I am, I am not able to take it down without getting a set of steps to stand on. ImageDoes anyone else have a pair of shoes decorating their doorway in this manner. This is a pair of red spangley high heeled shoes that I bought from ebay about 2.5 years ago. I was looking for some comfortable black court shoes to wear in the office but couldn’t resist buying these when I saw them. I think I have worn them out twice since then but they do make an unusual door decoration don’t you think.

Anyone who knows me knows that I like my shoes.