October Weekend

 I have finally managed to email this  post from my ibook using an ethernet connection.


This weekend has seen some bird watching, including a few visits from Christopher Robin, mostly on Saturday which was a dry day whereas Sunday has been wet wet wet. Owl blames me for all the rain, after he caught me singing and dancing in the kitchen last night wearing a new top which he says has an Indian pattern, I think it is more Aztec. He recons I was doing a rain dance.


The top was an impulse buy when I was in town with Skater sorting out his faulty phone, which isn’t covered by the warranty. I ended up getting him a new relatively cheap pay as you go phone, that he can put his SIM card into, his contract still has 14 months to go. Anyway when we had parked and begun to walk towards the shopping centre, we realised that it was colder than we had expected. I was wearing my zip up hoodie from San Francisco, which I never zip up. I tried to do it up only the zip broke, but when I tried to unzip the broken zip my red top got caught in the zip. By the time I had finished fiddling with it I had a 2” hole in my top around about where my belly button is. I just couldn’t face walking around town like that so headed for a shop that I thought had the best chance of selling cheap clothes big enough for my ample figure.


Skater now has a new Huawei Ascend, we had never heard of this make but were told they have been making phones for other companies for years before deciding to make their own. A couple of hours later Skater told me that he loves it, it has great apps. He is now in my debt for the rest of the month and probably beyond.


Once home I got stuck into my writing, I have given some of my characters more substance. I now have 8 character profiles, then I put my mind to working out exactly what I want my story line to be. I have written out a 116 word outline which I will try to stick to.


Once I had got this done I set to writing my third scene. I am now 1500 words into this, Skater has been reading it for me to and says that he would want to keep reading, from a 17 year old boy (almost 18) I take that as a huge compliment. None of my sons are known for reading fiction.


I am very pleased with progress so far.


Cakes and dementia

I went to see mother today, following the sad news of Friday. As I said before I really should see more of her than I have done since moving away last summer. I took with me a card from myself, Owl and Skater, a bunch of pink tulips and a box of pecan and maple pastries (box = 2). Owl came with me for the drive but didn’t come to mother’s he went into town to watch the rugby 6 nations match so that mother and I could reminisce without worrying that Owl would not know who or what we were talking about.

When we reached town I parked up at the Tesco car park (I hadn’t yet bought the flowers or cakes). At the store entrance Owl and I went in our separate directions, he in search of beer and rugby, me in search of cake…….it seems ages since I bought cake, they don’t feature in my diet these days.

It didn’t take me long to collect my basket of goodies. When I paid for these the young lad at the check out asked me if I had a car in the car park downstairs. (This is one of the new modern versions of Tesco where the shop is built above the car park). Admittedly I have not used this store many times but I have never been asked this before. He handed me a voucher with a code number on it to punch into a machine at the car park entrance. They are trying to encourage non Tesco shoppers not to park in their car park. (It is close to the town and free).

I joined the short queue, but when it was my turn that’s when the trouble began. First I had to key in the last three letters of the car registration. I do know the registration number honest I do but could I remember which way round it was? Damn stupid thing I tried putting in the 3 digits but it didn’t like that so it asked me to put in the whole number. So I put in three letters followed by three numbers but it just didn’t look right. Then it occurred to me that I was using the letters from my poor departed Toyota that gave up the ghost in a cloud of smoke somewhere near Guildford whilst being driven by Prodigal last autumn(fall to you lot on the other side of the pond). I cancelled all together and took my purchases back to the car, checked the number plate realised where I had gone wrong and returned to the machine to try again. This Time I put in the T for the year followed by three numbers (I had got one of the three wrong first time around) followed by three letters …..almost the same as my original attempt but not quite, this time the machine showed me a photo of our chevrolet. Now I could enter the code on the ticket which now told me the time I arrived and the current time. I was now free to drive away. But where was the barrier that would have prevented me leaving?

Minutes later I arrived at mother’s with my gifts. Cakes and white tea consumed we chatted and chatted as we have a habit of doing when we are together. Obviously we chatted about James, but we also chatted about other family topics. Interspersed by various telephone calls. The last of which was from this lady, a relative of my late father. Having told Jill about my impending marriage, mother passed the phone to me. After discussing my good news we then moved on to the topic of Jill’s blog. As you will discover if you read her blog, her father has dementia. Jill is currently living with and caring for her father, her blog tells tales of the problems she has encountered and how she has overcome these problems. Her aim is to pass on her new found knowledge regarding information that carers of dementia patients need to know. Please take the time to visit this very worthwhile blog. Jill needs to increase her reader numbers before the newspaper which is sponsoring her decides to close her column.

Whilst chatting to Jill I heard the quacking of my mobile (I like to have a ring tone that I will instantly know as mine) to alert me that Owl was ready to be picked up and taken home.

A small case of colour

Back in October (on holiday in Turkey …..big smiles) I dropped my phone just when I was about to take a photo. The result being a smashed screen.  I could have put in a claim for it to be repaired/replaced but I was due for an upgrade anyway. So (having insisted just months earlier that unlike the rest of the sheep in my family I didn’t want an iphone) I decided to give in  and upgrade to an iphone. Not one of the iphone 5’s that had just come out but an iphone 4s would be perfectly satisfactory for me. All the males in the family have got black ones so I opted for a smart white phone (much classier in my view).

Having spent getting on for an hour and half in the store I left with my new white iphone 4s. There was just one problem, I needed a cover for it. I had got a soft black flip cover for it but really that didn’t do it for me. I had a black cover on my HTC but could never find it easily in my handbag along with my black purse. A bit of colour was what I needed. Of course there is only one colour I could opt for. I tried to buy exactly the cover I wanted online but there was a slight glitch with the transaction. I gave the link to Statto in the hopes that he might come up with the goods before Christmas. Owl tried finding one in the local shopping precinct and market.

There are a fair few different patterns you can get. If you like the type of cover that just goes on the back of the phone there are endless different ones to choose from. I wanted a soft red cover but would make do with my black cover. Until 2 weeks before Christmas I was giving Skater a lift to the station when my mother called. Skater spoke to her then returned my phone to my handbag. When I got home my phone was nowhere to be found.  The only explanation I can find is that when Skater got out of the truck my phone in it’s soft black cover fell out into the road never to be found by me again.

After many hours of trying to find/replace my phone I received a new one four days later. Christmas was getting nearer and I knew that all my family knew what I wanted. I resisted the urge to just get one for myself. Christmas arrived and the pile of gifts under the tree was staggering. But as each gift was unwrapped there was still no sign of my red phone cover. So late last week I looked online. I found a pink flip cover, I found a purple flip cover. I decided that if this was as close as I was going to get then I would buy these. Oh now what have I found ….. a red flip cover, I’ll have that one too but really what I wanted wan’t a flip cover but one that opens up like a wallet. I had seen some in various designs but not the red one I wanted. After more searching I found a purple one just like I wanted.  Never mind these would do. But just as I was about to close down the page I scrolled a little further and there it was …my red wallet style phone cover.

Now I can colour co-ordinate not just my shoes, make-up, nails and costume jewellery but also my phone covers.phone covers