Little tits

Recently I have been watching them in the mornings whilst I munch on my cereal before heading out to the office. It has lightened my mornings just to see them. The first time there were two and they were being fed by their parents on my feeder. It was a pure delight to see these two balls of yellow feathers sitting almost motionless on one of the arms. Their parents fluttering back and forth from the half coconuts, filled with suet and seeds, to the metal arm where their babies waited.

Two mornings in a row I witnessed this natural event. The next day was very windy, the chicks were nowhere to be seen but the adults were flying in and out of the garden. Watching them I soon realised that as they flew off over the hedge to disappear into the trees outside our land, it was two not just one tree they were heading for. Could this be two different families I was seeing?

A few mornings later I noticed a lot of activity on and around my bird feeder. I managed to count 7 blue tits at one time. With all the activity of these tiny birds darting in and out of our cherry tree, our magnolia tree and our hedges as well as landing on the feeder it is not easy to keep track. It would appear that whilst still being fed by their parents, the little ones are now trying to feed themselves. The suet balls and the peanuts seem to be popular, not so much the seed feeders.

The little ones no-longer appear to be  fluffy balls of yellow feathers, they are taking on the more muted colours of the parents. This makes it harder to identify which are adults and which their chicks until I see them being fed.

Yesterday after my return from work, I noticed that one of the feeders had fallen. I went out into the garden, armed with a bag of feed, to retrieve the missing feeder. Before I stepped outside there had been several blue tits out there. Now there was just one solitary little bird, I expected it to take flight as soon as it saw me.

Approaching slowly I got closer and closer still it continued to feed. I could hear the warning cries from another blue tit high up in the magnolia tree, another on the hedge but still this little one continued to peck away at the peanut feeder. one little tit feeding

To my amazement not only did this one stay put but a second arrived, landing first in the cherry tree before joining the first brave little soul on the feeder. Still just moving one slow step at a time I continued to move towards the feeder. I couldn’t have been more than three feet away.two little tits on a feeder can you see them both here? I could almost reach out to touch them before they took flight. I then replenished the now retrieved feeder before heading back inside. After my delightful experience I decided to sit out on the steps leading from the decking down to the lawn. I wanted to see if the blue tits would return whilst I was there. Would they get used to me being in the garden with them? I sat for several minutes before there was movement in the ailing cherry tree. Soon they were going about their business not worried that I was sat just 9 feet away from them. I stayed where I was for about 5 minutes before I left them to it.

Not much later I saw a lot of wing fluttering beside the tree, it was the male greater spotted woodpecker that I have now seen 5 times in our garden. Unfortunately he shot off into the distance as soon as I stuck my head out of the door.

As I sit here now I can seen the blue tits flying around.



They’re back

About 10 days ago my bird feeder in the back garden was surrounded by approx 2 dozen starlings. Who said they were becoming an endangered species. They were hanging on the suet ball feeder, the peanut dispenser and the wild bird seed feeder. Those who couldn’t get there just yet were milling around on the floor picking up the dropped food.

Our family cat who had been watching from a distance launched herself towards the mass of wings and beaks. Instantly the birds scattered skywards.

Each day since then I have looked for evidence of a return. But the food in the feeders appears to be untouched. Once or twice I have witnessed a lone starling helping himself to the suet ball that has been hanging there since the mass scatter.

I could have been despondent but I knew that eventually I would see a return of my feathered friends. We are now beginning to feel the chill of autumn in the air. It won’t be long before the local bird population need to supplement their diet from feeders like mine.

This morning as I sat here in my kitchen with my first mug of tea of the day movement caught my eye. Small birdlike shapes descending                 on our cherry tree. Gradually these small birds moved out onto the nearby bird feeder. Grabbing my binoculars, I watched as a pair of great tits and a group of sparrows began feeding, soon they were chased off by a small group of starlings. Slowly the smaller birds grew in confidence joining their larger competition back on the feeder.

I am pleased to see the birds back again.


Happy in my own way

Do something for yourself she said……………

So I indulged in a bit of pruning followed by checking my birdfeeders that hand from the non flowering cherry tree. It was then that the idea struck.

It is something I have wanted to do since the beginning but never did until today.


IMG_1120 unfortunately the ground was a little too soft after the recent heavy rain. So I had to try again.

IMG_1121  IMG_1122 Now I can see the bird feeders quite clearly from my seat at the breakfast bar. Owl thinks I have gone quite mad!

my boys think I have really been pushing the boat out!

As for me I am just waiting for bird supper time to arrive 🙂


It’s 1.30am and I am here on the sofa eating jumbo salted peanuts!


Because my sore throat was keeping me awake. The lump in my throat was so bad that it was making it impossible for me to sleep. I am surprised that my distress wasn’t disturbing Owl’s sleep. I am sure I was whimpering. My sleep problem was not down to my nasal passages being bunged up. It was the severe discomfort of the lump in my throat where one of my glands were still swollen. The other having receded since my last dose of medication.

So here I am on the sofa with a hot drink and peanuts!

Why on earth would I choose peanuts when my throat feels like I have a peanut securely lodged in it anyway.

Why peanuts ? because I desperately wanted chocolate. I find chocolate soothes a sore throat like nothing else can. But although it is only two days after Christmas and there are boxes of chocolate in the lounge and tins of chocolate sweets in the kitchen they are not for me.

Where I am sitting I can see the biggest box of Milk Tray I have ever seen but it has not been opened. I won’t open someone else’s choccy’s even though I know he wouldn’t have minded. Why don’t I eat my own chocolates? Because being diabetic I didn’t get any. 

So here I am on the sofa with a hot drink and peanuts. Actually I am beginning to feel better than I was. Maybe that is the peanuts that I am crunching to death but more likely it is because I am sitting up rather than laying down.

So maybe I shall sit here for a while longer with my hot drink and peanuts and hope I can fall asleep.