On her last legs


It has been a funny old day.

Last night I noticed that  our elderly cat was having trouble walking. Her back left leg was splayed out to the side and her front paw was folding under.

She didn’t seem to be in pain or distress but I couldn’t watch her struggle to walk and not do anything.

I went to work as usual but  on the dot of 9 am I was on the phone to the local vets. (the website said that they open at 9 am). I made an appointment for my little black and white fur ball.

At 10.30 I raced home to collect our family pet, she was very good going into the basket, it has never been easier.  Why could she not be so well behaved before?

I had taken a tablet (antihistamine) before picking her up. Can you believe that I have been allergic to her for about 10 of her 16.5 years.

Owl started up the Chevrolet Blazer whilst I sat with Nipper on my lap (in her basket), talking to her stroking her little black face. It didn’t take long to get there.

Once in the consulting room we let Nipper out, she came out of the basket willingly if slowly. The young vet was very good with her, examining and explaining as she went along. No complaints from us or our pet who continued to purr at all this attention. The diagnosis was either a stroke which is what I had suspected due to the speed of the change in her, or a tumour on her brain. Either way it was neurological.

It was with tears in my eyes that I gave my decision to accept the offer of euthanasia.  I would rather that this little cat of ours should breath her last  whilst being pain free and not distressed.

The deed was done and I paid for the privilege with my cat in my arms.

Text messages and phone calls to family and friends meant that my phone was quite busy almost running out of charge. Interestingly I noted that certain family members whilst sad for Nipper were also concerned about Skater. For Skater has grown up with NIpper, since he was a toddler she has been his baby.

Among the facebook messages there was a post that I was tagged on. It was a fellow writer who I met online through blogging quite a few years ago, alerting me to this. Richard and Judy search for Best Seller. Thanks Sweetie 🙂

I have looked at what this entails and it is certainly a tall order. It could possibly be do able but what to write. I have the basic idea for my first book. I have my main characters  and some side characters. I have a basic idea of a setting. If I am to get the first 10,000 words written I shall have to shape up pretty quickly. The first thing I need to do is build some structure into my story.

I better go and get started ………