I am getting ever frustrated with my inability to write as much as I would like.

I have this pc which although working and connected to the internet still has this jumping cursor problem. It takes forever to write the shortest piece of text.

I also now have a second hand ibook which is not connected to internet. I have  an airport card for it but even with the correct tools cannot undo the screw holding the keyboard down. Hence I cannot fit the airport card.

I have been developing my book, characters and scenes on the ibook. I want to copy the documents onto my pc. I tried using a memory stick, but the ibook didn’t find it even though it was merrily flashing away in one of the usb ports. Next I plugged in my external hard drive. This it could find, hurray ūüôā ¬†However when I tried to copy files onto the external hard drive (EHD) it couldn’t. I received a message saying EHD cannot be modified.

We tried everything we could think of.

I have now been advised to wipe all the files from my EHD then plug into ibook and format it for ibook then it should work with both computers.

Now I am going to copy one of the above paragraphs without correcting it so that you can see what I am dealing with.


I have been developing my book, characters and scenes on the ibook. I want to ¬†copy e documents onto my pc. I tried using a memeory stick, but the ibook didn’t ¬†find it even thing away in one of the usb ports. ugh it was merrily flasho. rD)fileds onto the external owever when I tried to copye. This it could find, hard drivext I plugged in my external h it couldn’t. I ¬†modified.bee sayig EHD cannotreceived a messag.

Strangely that ¬†wasn’t as bad as it can be.



This week I ¬†have been attempting to deal with my computer issues. I have now installed Open Office on this laptop so that I can get on with my writing. However I have failed to find a suitable solution to the jumping cursor syndrome. ¬†This makes writing anything painfully slow. If I type slowly it doesn’t happen so much but as soon as I forget and start to speed up off it goes again.

After a visit to my bank earlier in the month I discovered that I was still paying for an insurance policy on my former home. Cancelling said policy resulted in a refund. I used the refund to purchase an old apple ibook G3 via ebay. All my sons and my husband use apple macs either desktop or notebooks. So software is not much of an issue. My husband has the discs for office for mac. My new computer has most of the software I could possibly require. One thing I hadn’t considered was that it was built before wifi became popular so whilst I can work on it in Pug’s room which I am taking over as my office in his absence, I will need to plug it into the router in the living room if I need to use the internet. I am considering getting the appropriate hardware to allow me wireless access but that can wait for now.

Because I have been experiencing these issues I have not added any more to my stories/book. However I have spent a lot of time mulling over the kind of book I want to write and what my characters are like. To that purpose I have begun a folder for my characters so I can build up a picture of who they all are. Both physical and personality wise. At the moment I have Billy as the main Character, he is a middle age family man who works from home. I have a few ideas about what his profession could be. Perhaps some of you might have some suggestions.

On another note we have noticed a few more birds making use of my feeding station. Apart from the starlings who are the most frequent visitors we have seen the sparrows again along with a great tit and one evening whilst the starlings were clambering about a flash of yellow swooped by but I wasn’t quick enough to see what it was. I believe it was either a siskin or greenfinch.

But right now as I look out onto our garden there is a robin hopping around on the ground. This is the third time I have seen him today. Yesterday when I came home from work it was pleasantly warm in the garden I decided to take my mug of tea and my laptop outside. I been there a while when Owl joined me. We were sitting in the sun chatting when I noticed the robin on the bird feeder. I wonder where he has been up until this week.


It arrived this morning.

I had to wait until I got home from work.

A few chores to be done first then I could switch on my computer.

Having already opened the package I slid open the drawer, flipped open the plastic envelope and inserted the contents into the slot.

I had to wait a while, probably not as long as it seemed.

Then it began……….

The installation wizard whirred into life.

A few clicks on buttons interspersed with green progress bars doing their bit.

I now have Open Office installed on my laptop.

Maybe now I can get on with the serious business of writing my humorous ditties.

But first I must prepare dinner.


Well this week I have been thinking that I must be jinxed when it comes to computers. Not only have there been ongoing problems with my laptop. But the computer I use at work went wrong too. Is this just unlucky or is it something I have done, I don’t know and if it is then I have no idea what. I don’t recall doing anything different.

Any way an IT engineer was called in, nice guy, he is well liked by us. Not only did he fix my work computer but gave me some advice on how to sort out this laptop. I have followed his advice and now my laptop is in a much better way. One thing I had noticed last week first at home and then the morning my work computer went wrong, my search engine changed to Delta. I didn’t want to change search engine so did everything I could to revert to google. IT man told me this seems to have been happening for about 6 months. It gets onto your computer either in an email or with a download. Once there it will repeatedly direct you to its own searches. He told me that I have to uninstall it and delete cookies otherwise it will keep coming back. So after a bit of work I have got rid of it.

Now that I have gone back to basics with my reinstalled windows 7 I need to find a software program that I can use now that I no longer have microsoft office on my computer. I do not want to pay the price required to get it put back when I have paid for it once already.  I have been advised to install Open office. I have searched online and found a variety of sites offering this package. Each time I have attempted to download these I get so far only to discover that part of the package which is not possible to avoid is the DELTA toolbar. Now why on earth would I want to install this when I have gone to the trouble of erasing it from my computer.

So now I am looking for alternative ways to get an office software onto my computer without including Delta.

It is just typical that now I want to write I don’t have a program to write with.

I also have developed a jumping cursor. I am finding that unless I type slowly my words become scrambled as the cursor jumps around, which is a real pain as I have to keep unscrambling what I have written.

Does anyone know how to solve this?