Less Rush

Today Owl and I went to the cinema together for the first time.

I had suggested it a few days ago and Owl booked the tickets yesterday. We were going to see the film Rush (set in 1970s) about James Hunt and Niki Lauda. I of course as an English teenager had adored James Hunt at the time.

We were both a little excited this morning, stupid I know, we were only going to the pictures, something other people do all the time. But to us it would be an adventure.

After a late brunch we set off. I couldn’t wait, neither could Owl. We collected our tickets, bought a bottle of water to share, found our seats and settled down to wait for the film to begin.


By the time we had sat through half an hour of adverts and trailers I was beginning to feel a little queasy. As the film progressed I was feeling worse. I tried closing my eyes and listening, which didn’t make much difference. I tried chewing on a mint, which did help briefly. An hour into the film I had to make my escape.

Having made the trip to the ladies still feeling unwell I sat on one of the comfortable chairs in the hall leading to the various screens. A young staff member asked if I was ok, she fetched a cup of iced water for me and asked if she could do anything else for me. (A  very helpful and pleasant young lady). After a while Owl came to see if I was ok. He offered to take me home but I insisted he continue watching the film. I sat where I was for sometime before making my way outside. I had just made my way back inside when I saw Owl coming towards me with my jacket in his hand. We had both wanted to have a walk around the marina and boardwalk but under the circumstances we went straight home.

I don’t think I shall be rushing back to the cinema again any time soon.