Guilt and other stuff

I am feeling guilty that although I have wanted to keep up with my writing both on here and elsewhere I have just been too weary. At first I didn’t think too much about it that I was coming home form work exhausted. It has been a very tiring time in the office recently. However as the days stretched into weeks and I was still exhausted I became concerned.

Since I have been on my weekly injections I have found that my appetite has been greatly reduced, which is a good thing. I began to wonder if this was impacting on my energy levels.  I noticed that I seemed to feel quite poorly on Sunday evenings, once or twice I was even sick. I figured that on Sundays I was having a lazy morning followed by a light lunch then a busy afternoon. By about 6 to 6.30 in the evening when I was thinking about preparing the evening meal,out of the blue, I became unwell. I am a great one for analysing everything and worked out I had probably been going too long with out eating. Now I am trying to eat little and often, instead of little not very often. In the last week I have felt much better and certainly less  exhausted.

Over the Christmas period I was reading Maddie Cochere‘s books. Which are all ebooks. As I didn’t have an ereader, my preference even in these electronic days for ‘real books’ I was reading them on my laptop. I was finding this cumbersome and limiting, so when I bought this new notebook I decided to take the plunge and buy a Kindle Paperwhite.  I read Maddie’s remaining books and then started to download a few more by other authors. I had intended to only use my kindle when away from home, so much easier when waiting for an appointment carry my kindle in my handbag than a proper book. I have always found carrying a book with me everywhere was not good for the book. Even though I had vowed to carry on reading ‘real books’ at home I have found myself increasingly opening my kindle. Where I had always had my nose in a book I now have my kindle open at every opportunity. I go to bed early and read for half an hour whereas for ages I have been reading one or two pages of a book before falling asleep.  I still have my stack of books waiting to be read, but for now it is to my kindle that I keep turning. Instead of writing I have been reading.

I am currently reading  ‘The Deadliest Game’ by H E Joyce. Which I am only 4 chapters in but it has me gripped already.

The previous two books I have just finished reading ‘Silence’ and ‘Broken Silence’ by Natasha Preston were both good reads. Although I do think that as much as I enjoyed reading these two books they did lack a good proof reading. They were littered with typing errors which I found very distracting. Probably because I always read every word aloud in my head, if a word is in the wrong place or missing altogether I have to keep going over the sentence until it makes sense to me.

At work I get very frustrated when I read an email that is grammatically wrong, I have even offered to proof read emails for various members of staff. I get alarmed at some of the things that are sent out that just shouldn’t be.

I am currently working on a course for proof reading. Maybe once I have completed the course I shall be in a better position to tell people where they are going wrong.

The main reason I have not read ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ is that I had heard it was not well written, I image that rather than enjoying the story I would have been correcting all the errors. For that reason I decided not to jump on the bandwagon at the time. Perhaps one day I will give in and read it. However I have been told that some of my own writing has been just as good if not better, among other things some of you are aware that I have dabbled in writing erotica in the past.

Oh and I wasn’t sure we would get here but yesterday was our first wedding anniversary. The last 9 months have been a bit of a roller coaster to say the least but we seem to be coming out the other end of it now and I am pleased to say we reached our anniversary without killing each other. Last night we celebrated with the two friends who came with us a year ago. Here’s to the next year.


Peggy Sue Adventure


Sunday 9th June 2013

After our adventures of the previous day we had a pretty quiet Saturday morning. Missy M had called the night before to tell us that the annual art and music festival would be in Novato and we should go. We visited our favourite diner Pepper’s for a late brunch of omelette for me and waffles for Owl.IMG_0757

Wandered back to our room and waited for the call to go and meet Missy M.

By the time we arrived at the festival the temperature was a massive 100 degrees, which is not good for walking about. We were all melting, I am sure we all shrank a few inches during the afternoon. There were lots of interesting stalls to look at. Missy M bought herself a dress and some earrings.  We all found this stand very intriguing.

IMG_0760 my favourites wereIMG_0759 Owl likedIMG_0463and thisIMG_0465

We walked from one end of the street to the other where we left Owl to listen to a live band playing while we went in search of ice cream from Missy M’s favourite ice cream store.  It was a blessed relief going into this air conditioned store full of every kind of sweet you could ever imagine and the sweet scent lingering in the atmosphere was hypnotic.  Missy M chose her tub of two kinds of ice cream and I had two kinds of sorbet which I felt would be more refreshing. Grabbing a bottle of water for Owl we headed back along the hot road to find my husband enjoying the music.

Cold desserts (rapidly melting) in our hands we meandered along back in the direction of the mustang. We had seen everything we could muster up the enthusiasm to see, it was just too hot to do much else. Even just walking at a slow pace felt like wading through treacle.

Once back at the car we decided it was time to collect Mr T which we duly did. I wouldn’t recommend travelling with father and daughter when the daughter knows her way around and the father doesn’t. Giving vague directions and not paying full attention to directions can lead to an interesting situation. With help from Mr T we finally found our way to a part of town we hadn’t seen before and a retail park that included several eateries.  We found ourselves at Pasta Pomoro one of Missy M’s favourites. Both teenagers chose a pasta dish whilst Owl and I both had a soft drink only as we were not hungry. It was nice to sit in partial shade just relaxing and chatting.

We were feeling tired and the teenagers had things to do so once the table had been cleared and left over pasta boxed up to take away we dropped them home and drove back to Petaluma and an early night. We were planning a busy day for Sunday.

Later we received a message that Missy M had left her makeup bag and car key in the mustang. She didn’t need them immediately but could we drop them off in the morning. Which of course we did even though Novato is in the opposite direction to Santa Rosa which was our chosen destination for that day. Whilst at the starlight the other evening we had picked up a free paper. Reading this we had discovered that Peggy Sue’s All American Cruise event was being held from Thursday to Sunday.

This morning the sky was looking a bit glum but we were confident that it would improve. Having completed our mercy mission we turned back north along Route 101 which didn’t actually take very long at all. Soon we were pulling into the designated car park. Already Owl was getting excited just seeing the cars parked around us, before we even got into the show itself.

There were mustangs, challengers, Bel airs, and corvettes every which way you looked. A slow walk through the car park to the field of cars, cars, cars and yet more cars. Owl was in his element. I won’t bore you with all the cars we saw, but here are a few.IMG_0764Since we arrived in California Owl kept talking about cars wearing a bra IMG_0787this was what he meant.IMG_0788IMG_0800bet you haven’t seen many cars that colour.IMG_0797and lastlyIMG_0803The weather never did improve, we were so glad we had our hoodies from the previous weekend. We didn’t see all the cars on display but after a couple of hours we decided that we had seen enough and besides which our feet were aching. Time to go back to Petaluma and call into Peppers for a drink and a slice of home made mandarin cream pie to share mmmmm.

mandarine cream pie

After the wedding……

In case you have not realised/noticed/guessed.


Thanks for all your congratulations and good wishes but I expect you are now wondering how we are spending our honeymoon.

Friday evening we spent at home drinking pink champagne. Perhaps you are thinking ah so they are spending the first night as a married couple at home before jetting off somewhere sunny for an expensive 2 weeks jolly in the sun, Caribbean perhaps.

Saturday we didn’t rush to get up, we pottered around, I blogged whilst Owl chatted to his sister. I packed a bag (including a towel) ready for our trip.  It was a somewhat cold day so thick coat and gloves were the order of the day. Did I mention before that our car does not have heating! We were just about to set off when we got embroiled in a conversation over the fence with our neighbour. 20 minutes later we finally got going, so much for arriving late morning. Even though we were running late we decided on a small detour (the village where Owl lived a year ago). His old local pub is under new management so we thought we would be nosy and see what was what.

Walking in we met 4  friends, three of them we hadn’t seen for quite sometime. When asked how we were, we took great delight in telling them we had got married. The looks on their faces when they asked the inevitable question, when? followed by our chorus of “yesterday”, was priceless.

By the time we reached our beach retreat it was mid afternoon. Collecting our new vehicle pass and a second key we made our way to our caravan. We began unpacking everything ready for our first visitors next week. It took a phone call to find out how to turn on the water, just a minor inconvenience. Once we had the tv etc up and running we took the short walk (about a minute) to the main complex for a late afternoon lunch. It was wonderful being in the warm looking out to sea watching the sun with its spectacular golds and pinks sinking below the cloud line. Finally we figured we couldn’t put it off any more and nipped back to our caravan. I lit the fire (this ran out of gas in less than a minute).

Owl then phoned the office again whilst I continued to unpack all the cutlery, crockery etc. Within a couple of minutes we were joined by two of the sales staff who got the gas on and helped with the unpacking and putting away. Once they had gone we sat around the fire trying to warm up. We are so glad we had changed our minds about staying there over night. Back home we had another bottle of bubbly, some strawberry (heartshaped) shortbread and some dry roasted peanuts, cuddled up on the sofa we fell asleep. Waking up at 2am. Not great when you know we have an early start in the morning.

So Sunday morning dawns, we have now been married for almost 48 hours, surely we would be jetting off somewhere warm today. Actually no, we were putting on warm clothes again in preparation for another freezing cold experience. We were later than planned arriving at our destination but still earlier than Petrol who we had thought would have arrived before us. With Owl being a self confessed ‘petrol head’ he was interested in some of the cars we passed on our short walk through the car park and onto the motor circuit. This is where I started to get interested. I am not a petrol head myself but I do like some cars. We were at a motoring breakfast club , today’s event being ‘Pre Tax Cars’. I rather liked the look of this Chevrolet Fleetline, I loved the colour and the sleek smooth lines.


Here are a few of the other cars I found interesting.IMG_0226IMG_0222There were far more American cars there than Owl had anticipated  I won’t post all the cars I photographed on here as the majority of you won’t be interested so I shall set up a separate page for cars for those of you who are. But first I must tell you that shortly after Petrol had joined us he had asked the question ‘have you been playing the “what is it” game?’ It was not long after this that Owl pointed out a Ford Falcon….I was astonished and immediately and with suprising authority told him he was wrong it was a Ford Fairlane 1963. He was flabbergasted that I should know this………it was actually quite easy, whilst he was looking at the car I was checking out this ……IMG_0271

After two hours checking out all these cars, we didn’t bother with the motorbikes or scooters but we did see a Daimler Ferret.daimler ferret( headed back home after stopping off for a cooked breakfast first.

This afternoon we have polished off another bottle of bubbly.

Tomorrow we are going to James’s funeral and on Tuesday I return to work so no honeymoon just yet. But don’t worry plans are being made.

Where did you spend your honeymoon?  What would be your dream honeymoon?

What a wonderful day

The day started with the usual alarm going off at 6am. Owl brought me a cup of tea, we shared cuddles and chatted until finally we managed to drag ourselves out of bed at 7.30. After a breakfast of scrambled egg on toast we changed into our clothes for the day. He into his grey suit and white shirt with a tie covered in red telephone boxes. I wore a red dress with my red spangled shoes and a black and red hat.

Right on time at 9am our friends Candy and Petrol arrived with an alternative tie for Owl (mustang cars).The Tie

We all set off in a hurry to our destination. On our arrival Owl and I were ushered into one room whilst our friends went into another.  Introductions made, paperwork completed it was time to get on with the business of the day.

Owl and I got married 🙂

After the ceremony and photos we had a drive through the countryside back to our home. Where we discovered not one but two deliveries of flowers. Skater joined the four of us for bucksfizz and chat. The post man very kindly shoved a handful of cards through our door. Our living room now resembles a florist and the scent is from mum Flowers from work Flowers from Dan & Charlottemy posyNext we went off to our current favourite pub for lunch. We spent all afternoon chatting and laughing. Before heading back home for cake and more champagne.

We have had a wonderful day.