Election day

Today has been election day. We had more votes to cast than usual. The elections that should have happened in May last year were postponed. Today where we live we are voting for local council elections. County elections and Police and Crime Commissioners. That’s one vote for local council, 2 votes for the county and two for PCC.

Usually votes are counted overnight. I did take part in the counting once (many years ago). The hall would be full of long tables. There are a lot of people doing the counting then there are others over seeing the counting plus all the election officials not to mention the candidates and their supporters. That is a lot of people in one room. Obviously in the current climate they can’t do it the same way as usual. Although I am not ultra political I am interested in the process and the results. Therefore whenever I could (work permitting) I would stay up at least for part of the night watching everything on TV. Seeing the predictions the results and the swings of power. This time I don’t believe there will be any result programs on until tomorrow. Social distancing means that counting will take longer.

All my adult life I have mostly voted for the same party. Today I have spread my votes across 3 parties. I am not one to just blindly vote for one particular party just because they are the party of my choice. I always check who the candidates are and see what they stand for. It just so happens that I tend to vote for the same party because the are closer aligned with my own beliefs. Today two of my five votes went to different parties. It is not the party but the candidate that I voted for.

I know that my local area will not change overnight but maybe some of the seats will change hands or at the very least become a closer contest. It will certainly be interesting to see what happens.

If you are in the UK have you voted today?


How is this right?

Today my car went into the garage to see what they could discover about my current car problems. It turns out to be a computer problem which can only be fixed by a main dealer garage. I can see my money vanishing into thin air. Who knows how long it could be until my car is fixed. In the meantime I have parked on the roadside so that I don’t need to worry about this reversing issue more than necessary.

Although primarily I use my car for my own benefit we also need it for transporting my mother who has MS. Whenever my mother leaves the house we have to move her by wheelchair. Since my surgery last August I have not attempted to lift her wheelchair in or out of my car. I have had help to do this. The last time I got a new car (to me) I needed to find one with a boot that was big enough to accommodate mum’s pink wheelchair, This wasn’t easy on the budget I had. In the end I got a 10 year old Renault Scenic. Unfortunately I was unable to find a suitable petrol car, so diesel it was. Not ideal as I do lots of short journeys with lots of stop starting.

Today was the day my mum has been waiting for since before Christmas. It was V day. Her first coronavirus vaccine shot . It just happened to be the day that my car was at the garage. I borrowed a car from the garage for the day.

Since speaking to the garage mechanic we have been having conversations about what to do if my car is either too expensive or too difficult to repair. One thought was that as Mum is disabled maybe she could get a mobility car with me as the named driver. We figured that this would generate lots of paperwork to fill in but would be worth it. After three of us looking into this online we came to the conclusion that this would not be possible.

If my Mum was still working she could get PIP (formerly Disability Living Allowance). She would be able to get a mobility vehicle. However even though she had MS for many years before retiring it is only in recent years that her mobility has become so difficult. Because of her age she is entitled to Attendance Allowance which she has been receiving for the last 18 months. This however doesn’t qualify her for Mobility help. We have gone over and over everything we can find. It would seem that becoming disabled after retirement age (unless you receive a Military Pension) you must stay at home and never go anywhere.

If we don’t have a vehicle of some sort it will make my life difficult but also my mother’s life. In the past year she has only left the house for medical appointments. Without a car she would need to get a taxi to her appointments. This would cause her great stress. Not only ordering a taxi, I know I can do this for her but she is an independent woman. She would be getting stressed about ordering a taxi in time to get there and needing another for the return journey. She would be stressed about finding a suitable taxi that can take her wheelchair. I know that she is not alone in being a person over retirement age who has mobility issues. How can it be right that unless you become disabled prior to retirement you do not qualify for transport whether it is a vehicle or a mobility scooter.

Back to the drawing board.

If anyone has any other information on whether or how we can do this please let me know.

Being tactical

It’s 10 days to go before the election. On the radio they are discussing people who don’t vote and the many reasons why. One of the reasons being ‘my vote won’t make a difference’.

Where I live we know that no matter which party you vote for the same party will win. The same party has won for decades. It is what is known as a safe seat. There are four candidates standing in this constituency. I know which party I shall be voting for. It’s the same party I have supported since I was a young woman. However it doesn’t matter which of the three parties I vote for other than the one that will win. Many people think that there is no point going out to vote when the result will be the same anyway.

I don’t agree. I think we should all vote. No matter which of the three alternative parties you choose. Every vote cast against the leading party will reduce their winning majority. If we can do this each time eventually our votes will begin to make a difference.

Brexit bloody Brexit

Now this is a very rare event for me. I have my political views but very rarely share them with others.

Since July 2016 we have been (OK, Theresa May) has been negotiating our exit from EU. I am not afraid to state that I voted to remain in the EU as did my grown up sons and their friends. However as much as I was very angry (much to my surprise) that the vote narrowly went to the Leave camp. I have said all along that we shouldn’t have a second referendum as that would make a mockery out of having it in the first place.

Having sat through so many updates on the current saga, I am afraid to say that our Politicians have made a right pigs ear of the whole thing. There has been so much squabbling over what each camp don’t want but nobody has put forward any sensible plan for what they do want. I do believe that, not all but a huge number of those who voted to leave did so under a very simplistic view of what would happen. No one on either side had any clear view of how complicated the whole thing would be.

I have now come to the conclusion that with the current shambles that is our Government. It is now time to reconsider. Our Government are insisting that to revoke Article 50 would be to let down the Electorate who voted to leave. The Electorate would no longer be able to trust our Government. Do they truly believe that any of them has our trust at the moment?

I now believe that had the Electorate been made aware of all that Article 50 would entail then the results of the referendum in 2016 would have been different. Maybe the end result would still have been to leave but at least everyone would have had a clearer idea of what they were voting for.

I can understand why the Government are saying that we have to go ahead because it was the will of the people. The people didn’t know they were voting for this. I don’t want to say we should keep voting until The Remainers get the result that they want.

I am saying now that we know more about what it involves, lets have a go at starting again.

Revoke Article 50