Today I am thinking about boxes.

Today Statto and Miss Effervescence are moving into their new home together. They will be sharing a flat in London with a friend of Statto’s from school (Skye) and his girlfriend Kat. I hope that the four of them enjoy their new life together in The Big Smoke. I spoke to Statto briefly a few days ago, he was getting quite excited and had done his packing. So I expect that he is now surrounded by boxes. I have had a box of his belongings, in the back of my car for the last year, since he moved into the house he has been sharing with friends for the last year. This box (I have never delved into it to see the contents) contains items (including family photos) that he had with him at University. Statto will be the third out of my four sons to have moved home in the last four weeks.

Today my living/dining room is littered with boxes. But these boxes are different to the ones Statto will have. These are box files. A few months ago I got fed up with our filing system which consisted of piles and piles of papers all over the office. Owl began to sort the papers into piles.Office So one day I gathered up all the piles and filed them into  boxes according to what went together (in my mind).box files There were some things that I didn’t file as they didn’t quite fit any of the categories I had sorted. Owl in the mean time (being a graphic designer by trade) had decided to design labels for the box files. It took him a long time (several months) to get all the graphics exactly how he wanted them. I could never do what he did, I wouldn’t have had the patience to spend so long on it even if I had the know how.

Finally the graphics were completed, with the utmost of care they were then applied to the spine of each box. The boxes were then transferred to the office shelf where I was sent to admire his work. filed The graphics are brilliant but what I hear you ask are the pink heart shaped post it notes stuck on each box? When I looked at the inspired graphics I had to write out my own translation of what should be in each box. Unfortunately, Owl’s idea of what should be in each box didn’t quite tally with mine.

I have been putting off, what I knew would be a mammoth task, checking each box to ensure that they all contained what the label said should be in them.

Because I have advertised my beautiful car for sale. my carwe spent yesterday making sure that all the paperwork was together. Most of it was but we couldn’t find the latest MOT certificate. There were box files on the dining table, coffee table, dining chairs and sofa. One by one I went through each file, whilst Owl went through stacks of loose papers. This was when I discovered that when Owl labelled the boxes he didn’t look inside them. He just stuck labels on random boxes. I don’t think any of the labels had any relevance to the contents. After about four hours the missing MOT certificate was located. It wasn’t in the box file for Car documents or the one for car insurance. It wasn’t in the one for utility bills or the one for bank statements it was in a file marked up for general household things.

At this moment in time I would say that two thirds of our paperwork is now filed properly.  Later after I have finished working in the kitchen and the house is filled with the aromas of bleach and baking, I shall get around to completing the task of filing all our papers so that I can lay my hands on anything easily.

Once this has been achieved the files can go back into the now tidy office which Owl worked on a few days ago. I don’t believe it has been so tidy since we moved in. office Not only can we now see the floor, I can now also see and best of all actually get to my desk

Now before I do anything else I shall just check what new emails are in my  Inbox. Then I shall be all boxed out.


This morning as I listened to the radio I heard a song I hadn’t heard for a long time. It got me thinking about one of my philosophies in life. The song was this one by Ralph Mctell  . The streets of London tells you to stop feeling sorry for yourself because you really don’t have much to complain about compared to the people living on the streets of London.

My life has never been easy, it has been a struggle right through my adult life for one reason or another. I might at times write about the things that have or are happening in my life but I usually manage to laugh it off rather than complain. The reason being that no matter how bad things might get, I know, there is always someone worse off. 

When I lived with my first husband who was an emotionally abusive alcoholic, life was difficult and at times unbearable I was grateful that he never hit me or my boys.

When I had stage three cancer, I was grateful that I was treatable, 13 years on I am still here to tell the tale.

When I was a single mother struggling to make ends meet, I did at least have a roof over our heads and our health even if there was very little money for heat or food. We still had each other.

During the difficult times in the first year of my second marriage, my husband’s ill health (both physical and mental)  were made easier by the support of family and friends.

I do know people who always see the negative in everything, I feel sad for these people who never seem to be able to allow themselves to be happy. People who live their lives as victims of life make me feel mad. Yes there was a time when I felt like one of those victims where nothing in life ever seemed to go right. Then I realised that there was only one person who could change my life, me.

Coincidently this morning the girlfriend of my son Pug, posted this quote on her facebook page. ‘We can’t change every little thing that happens to us in life, but we can change the way that we experience it’

Now, when things don’t go right I count my blessings instead of my problems. When I am feeling my lowest I think of the things that make me smile.  I remember my wonderful sons, I surround myself with flowers, music and laughter. I watch the birds as they go about their day.

From where I am sat writing this I can see sunshine through the windows, there are four vases of flowers in the room and when I look through the kitchen to the back door I see one of the pigeons, that frequent my bird feeder, strolling  around as though he owns the place.

A few days ago my husband had a fall when he was crossing the road, a kind man, who happened to be walking near by helped him up and got him home. He had blood on his hands, arms and more worryingly on the back of his head. I left work to take him to the hospital. He was assessed and taken to ‘major injuries’. We were left in the corridor with a growing number of others for about 1.5 hours (it could have been worse). Finally he was checked by a Dr, x-rayed, put on a drip and sent to the observation ward where his broken hand was plastered.  After much deliberation and conversation the Dr concluded that my husband needs treatment for his alcohol intake. This is something my husband is in full agreement with.

He may be in pain and having to learn to cope with being one handed whilst his hand is in plaster. The cut on his head was merely a graze which appeared worse than it was due to the amount of blood. However his fall has led to something being done about helping him to stop drinking. If he manages to complete the treatment on offer and stops drinking he should be able to get his strength back properly and maybe he will be fit enough to actually work. He will then be able to earn some money as well as save money by not buying drink.

Now here is a little something to lift your spirits The Corrs

Christmas Crisis

The Christmas cards have been bought, they have been languishing on the side for a few weeks now.

Time is running out, the official last posting day to guarantee delivery before Christmas was two days ago.

I keep saying give me a list of who you want to send the cards to.

But the problem is that the labels cannot be found.

A new template will need to be made.

New labels have been bought, 21 to a page instead of 14.

People have moved, addresses need to be updated.

Can’t we just hand write the addresses?

The labels need to be found

He still can’t find the labels.

Maybe you will all get your cards in time for Christmas 2014

Question for you

Here is a question for you.

I am sure that all of you have at one time or another and some of you have frequently used Wikipedia.

So my question is what was the last thing you looked up on wikipedia?

Oddly the last thing I (together with my Owl) looked up was La Vache qui rit. ………..

Having Muscle

When I met Owl he warned me that he was something of a petrol head. He has a passion for American Muscle cars. At that time he owned a Ford Mustang which he drove as his every day car. Not a cheap car to run I can tell you, I think it averaged about 15 to 18 miles to the gallon but he loved it. He had had the car for a long time 12 years I believe. But after his mother died he needed a bigger more practical car for carting stuff to the tip etc. This was just not going to cut the mustard as they say. Besides being a true American car it was left hand drive.RIMG0282

One thing I didn’t want to do was drive left hand. He wanted me to be able to drive his car. I shall never forget the time we were driving up a dual carriage way and he decided to overtake the vehicle ahead. I couldn’t get used to being in the right hand seat and not being able to see into the rear view mirror so I looked into the wing mirror. Where I saw a flash of silver metal growing at a rate of knots in my mirror. How I didn’t faint or worse have a heart attack (I am getting old you know) I shall never understand. He just managed to get back into the inside lane by the skin of our teeth.

Now because we needed a bigger vehicle and I refuse to drive a left hand car on roads built for right hand drive cars, you could be forgiven for thinking we would get a  van or a traditional range rover or any one of the now popular ‘Chelsea Tractors’ that flood our suburban streets. But remember I said at the beginning of this post Owl likes American cars. We bought an American Truck. A Chevrolet Blazer LT to be exact. My first thoughts when we test drove it were ‘please don’t make me drive it’ . It is some what bigger than my Toyota Corolla Hatchbacktoyota_corolla But sure enough we had not been in it for long when he stopped got out and came around to my side of the truck and told me to get in the driver’s seat and drive it. With much trepidation I did, and hey it was ok, a little scary but I managed it.

Now nearly a year later my little car has gone to the great car heaven somewhere else having had the engine catch fire whilst my son was driving her (I am so glad it wasn’t me). The car I drive every day is our big beautiful black blazer.Blazer

Owl loves it when he hears me drive up the road he says the burble she makes with her V6  4.3ltr is almost as good as his V8  5ltr Mustang. But he does say that I do look very small in the driver’s seat.

Owl does say that he would love to get another mustang one day possibly either a Shelby GT350 or a 1966 Eleanor.

What car do you drive and if you could choose the car of your dreams what would it be. Mine used to be a white triumph stag but these days I am looking more for the comfort of an X type Jaguar.(any colour).

A small case of colour

Back in October (on holiday in Turkey …..big smiles) I dropped my phone just when I was about to take a photo. The result being a smashed screen.  I could have put in a claim for it to be repaired/replaced but I was due for an upgrade anyway. So (having insisted just months earlier that unlike the rest of the sheep in my family I didn’t want an iphone) I decided to give in  and upgrade to an iphone. Not one of the iphone 5’s that had just come out but an iphone 4s would be perfectly satisfactory for me. All the males in the family have got black ones so I opted for a smart white phone (much classier in my view).

Having spent getting on for an hour and half in the store I left with my new white iphone 4s. There was just one problem, I needed a cover for it. I had got a soft black flip cover for it but really that didn’t do it for me. I had a black cover on my HTC but could never find it easily in my handbag along with my black purse. A bit of colour was what I needed. Of course there is only one colour I could opt for. I tried to buy exactly the cover I wanted online but there was a slight glitch with the transaction. I gave the link to Statto in the hopes that he might come up with the goods before Christmas. Owl tried finding one in the local shopping precinct and market.

There are a fair few different patterns you can get. If you like the type of cover that just goes on the back of the phone there are endless different ones to choose from. I wanted a soft red cover but would make do with my black cover. Until 2 weeks before Christmas I was giving Skater a lift to the station when my mother called. Skater spoke to her then returned my phone to my handbag. When I got home my phone was nowhere to be found.  The only explanation I can find is that when Skater got out of the truck my phone in it’s soft black cover fell out into the road never to be found by me again.

After many hours of trying to find/replace my phone I received a new one four days later. Christmas was getting nearer and I knew that all my family knew what I wanted. I resisted the urge to just get one for myself. Christmas arrived and the pile of gifts under the tree was staggering. But as each gift was unwrapped there was still no sign of my red phone cover. So late last week I looked online. I found a pink flip cover, I found a purple flip cover. I decided that if this was as close as I was going to get then I would buy these. Oh now what have I found ….. a red flip cover, I’ll have that one too but really what I wanted wan’t a flip cover but one that opens up like a wallet. I had seen some in various designs but not the red one I wanted. After more searching I found a purple one just like I wanted.  Never mind these would do. But just as I was about to close down the page I scrolled a little further and there it was …my red wallet style phone cover.

Now I can colour co-ordinate not just my shoes, make-up, nails and costume jewellery but also my phone covers