On this sunny day

Apparently the lovely sunny weather of the last few days ends today. As from tomorrow it’s meant to be wet and windy for several days. This morning we had a couple of visitors. One being the man with the dog. The other being the gardener. The lawn got its first cut of the year much to the annoyance of the dog who stood at the window barking at the lawn mower. I went out this afternoon to collect and put out some Avon books. It was refreshing to be out in the sunshine. On my travels I made a small detour to pick up mum’s prescription.

Whilst we have had visits from the squirrels they have not been up to much mischief today.

I’m preparing to start growing some of my seeds ready to go out into the garden once we stop having frosts in the mornings. I don’t have anywhere suitable to grow them so I am going to use a tray on the dining table to put the small propagators that I have bought. I am planning to grow nasturtiums (they can go strait in the garden), california poppies plus 25,500 mixed flower seeds suitable for pollinators. I am also going to try some freesias and I have some out of date seeds that I am hoping will be ok. Larkspur, foxgloves and hollyhocks.

Last year my mother kept telling people that I had suddenly become a gardener! No mother, I have always done gardening in all my previous homes. I wanted a pretty garden and had nobody to do it for me so I had to do the gardening. When I met my second husband he was a part time gardener. I let him do 90% of the gardening at our home as I was working full time and he wasn’t. Just like I let him take care of our cars. He used to ask me why I didn’t check the oil etc. I told him that as he was a petrol head I would give him that pleasure after all if I had a dog I wouldn’t bark .There were many chores that I had stopped doing when I married him. I would tell him that it wasn’t that I couldn’t do these things but I no longer had to do them as I had him to do them for me (that was the theory).

Getting back to gardening. Last year, the weather was good during the spring. I wasn’t going out anywhere and wanted colour in a garden that is mostly mature shrubs so I set about filling pots and tubs with seeds. Because of my health I wasn’t able to do any heavy gardening. I still can’t do as much as I would like but hopefully I can do more than last year.

In January we had a new fence erected I have already hung coloured pots with individual polyanthas plants on the fence.

One comment on “On this sunny day

  1. Scott Dee says:

    I hope your garden has a lovely spring! I don’t think I’ve ever known someone to spread that many seeds at once – how long will it take you to get all those wildflowers going?

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