Getting caught in the rain

This morning I was out putting some of my Avon brochures out. Mostly I was in the car so it didn’t matter much if it rained. I only really got caught in the rain right at the end of my morning’s work. I didn’t mind, it wasn’t so torrential that I needed to put up my hood. Today I was wearing my big coat. The long parker which on me comes down to my knees. I bought it for when I was delivering parcels. Until last week I hadn’t worn it for about a year.

For some reason my mind has got me thinking about umbrellas. I think I could if I remembered them, count the number of times I have used one as an adult on just one hand. Ok maybe in my early adult life but not since having a family. It isn’t easy to hold up an umbrella whilst pushing a pram/buggy. Certainly not when also trying to control one or more toddlers at the same time.

I found over the years after the pram pushing stage was over, that I rarely used a brolly because usually if it was raining enough to bother it was probably also too windy. I much prefer to wear a coat with a hood. There were also the years spent at the side of a football pitch. There again a hood was preferable. There were a few years when I was involved in the local football club. Writing and taking subs, again meant no spare hand to hold a brolly.

Now that I wear glasses all the time I have taken on occasion to wearing a peak cap/baseball cap to protect my glasses from the rain. I have also recently started to wear one in the car when its sunny. I’m a short person and the sun visor just doesn’t come down far enough.

Do you use an umbrella much or do you prefer a hat/hood?