Heavy snow forcast

All week they have been warning of 3 days of heavy snow, may cause travel disruption. All week I have been checking the weather on my phone. We would get some during the night but not much. Then again at 11am and 1pm. I went out before 11am to ensure I wouldn’t get caught. I was all cozy sat at home by 11am waiting for the promised snow. Even just a few flakes would do.

I understand that my granddaughter further east along the coast experienced her first snow flurries but nothing much. My grandson in London had snow but nothing settled.

It’s now Sunday evening and still no snow.

Again tomorrow we are expecting, or maybe not, more threat of snow around 10am/11am. It will be just my luck if we get snow when I’m heading out to take my poorly car to a garage in the hopes they can fix it. They tell me I will be waiting an hour for them to carry out a re-calibration. Hmm I hope I don’t freeze wandering around for an hour in an unfamiliar area.


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