Just a short walk

I wish I could go on lovely country or beach walks. I miss going on long walks in the countryside particularly the New Forest. Unfortunately in recent years my ability to walk very far in one go has been impaired by a combination of pain and shortness of breath. Now that my recovery is progressing I aim to build up my strength. Three times this week including today, I have walked to the next road and back. I know it isn’t very far. Today’s walk was 0.58k which took me 8 minutes. For most people this would be nothing but for me it is an achievement.

In the last couple of years I have managed to get thousands of step in each day. These are done in short bursts never long stretches. My husband always complained that I parked too far away from the store entrance when we went shopping. I did this purposefully to give myself just a little bit more exercise. For many years now I have been monitoring my daily steps. This began when one of my son’s was training to join RAF. We would compare steps each day. Obviously he always did more than me but it got me into a pattern. Each day I would look at the lowest number of steps during the past week and try to beat it then try to beat the next then the next with the aim of always beating the previous day.

Recently I stopped doing this because I knew that my steps were not worth measuring. I am only going out a few times a week during lockdown and usually by car. Now that my car is not playing the game I am walking more. It hurts but I am determined to increase my daily weekly steps again.