Video calling

One of the best things about these times that we are in now is video calls.

On 25th Sept 2019 a little girl came into my life. Having two brothers and four sons and a grandson. My new granddaughter was the first girl in my family. Both my brothers have a daughter each but there were no girls in my direct line.

I am now Granny to a little boy of 2 3/4 and a little girl of 16 months. Neither of them live locally to me. Spending time with either of them takes organising. During this time of pandemic, especially in lockdown visits have been difficult or impossible. Hugs are non existent.

I am so grateful to the technology that allows us to have video calls. Today my little princess was able to show me her paper crown. Tell me the sounds made by bees, snakes, sheep, horses and dogs. I am able to watch her growing up in a way that I wouldn’t have been able to do before technology became such an everyday part of life.

Recently we all saw a video of my grandson singing and dancing to a song. My granddaughter saw the same video and began trying to dance and sing along with her cousin. Even at a distance my grandchildren can have shared experiences.

In the days when my children were these ages we didn’t even have mobile phones let alone smart phones or computers.