Train of thought

Our garden borders the train line between Portsmouth and Southampton. The trees at the bottom of the garden and along the side of the track mean that I can see glimpses of the frequent carriages that whizz past although sometimes not so much whizz as rumble.

At this time of year as most of the trees are losing their leaves I get a better look at the trains passing by. I know that many people would hate to live so close to a rail track. I wouldn’t say that I don’t notice the trains but I do notice them. I am fascinated seeing them through the foliage. Other than the goods trains that rumble along from time to time, there are three regular rail companies to be seen.

Southern Rail which is the one I catch when I visit my family in Brighton.

southern rail

Great Western which goes to Cardiff. These are usually only short trains

GRW rail

Finally there are the South Western Rail which are probably the most frequent

south western

The reason I am talking about these trains today is that this morning I noticed a string of brown carriages flashing past. Possibly a steam train. I didn’t see if this was being pulled by a steam train or not. We do get them now and again. I did notice that on a couple of carriages the words Dream Steam appeared so I’m guessing that it was. I couldn’t find any images with the logo I saw.

Not long after I saw another train I had not seen before. It turns out to be a new train belonging to South Western rail so I expect I shall start seeing these more often.


Do any of you live near to a rail line and what are your local trains?