Lifetree world

So it has been a few months since my last blog. I have been busy, my work has become more involved. I am also working two businesses outside my day job. I think I have mentioned before that along with my husband we are building our Kleeneze business.

Back in May 2016 I joined a new networking Company. Lifetree World. Some people have been putting out negative information, rumours and tittle tattle about the Company. Only a few days ago I was told by someone I know that Lifetree World is going into liquidation, I should google it. I did (knowing this was not true). I did find an article on google about Lifetree World going into liquidation but this was years back (2012). Considering that our Company only began at the start of 2015 I have no idea what that was about.

Since joining LTW in May the Company has evolved and continues to evolve. The opportunities for those who wish to be a part of this growing business are enormous. This business is open to residents of UK and N.I, as from 1st October this will also be available to residents of Southern Ireland.

We now offer Services like TV, phone and broadband bundles, Commercial Gas and Electricity. Card payment terminals. We have the Richibrown Cosmetics.

Putting all these things aside, there are other benefits to joining this Company, great friendships are made. The support is undeniable. There are constant training opportunities.

I am not telling you to join us, I am telling you that if you are looking for a way to improve your life and that of your family, if you are willing to work hard, you could think about joining us.

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4 comments on “Lifetree world

  1. Sarah says:

    I love ltw the comp plan is 2nd to none, it has given me the ability to earn for my family and given me a bit of my independence back as I’m unable to go out to work as I have lupus and fibromyalgia and recently been diagnosed celiac…so yes I’d recommend ltw to any one ..

    • Thanks Sarah, it is good to hear from others who have had such a great experience with LTW. It just goes to show that having disabilities doesn’t mean you can’t do anything to improve your life.

  2. amazing company with amazing comp plan
    There are a lot of changes happening but i believe this company is going strong – Join today

  3. SJT next month( October 2016 ) I got laptop( £300-£500) and I do not have to spend money to be active in business. I will get £1000 worth of products+£179( extra one month activation)+ my seat reserved at National event+ Free Entry at all event of the company (10x12x5=£600)+1% of profit from International pool in every 3 months from June 2017 for the next 5 years. OMG!!! I felt like the company just gave the founder pack for me for free and give more back to me. I paid only £999 for founder pack and see what I will have.

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