Keep on talking

This morning I went back to Fareham to get my haircut, before my appointment I dropped Pug and Skater off at my mother’s house. They were going to do a few jobs for her, including putting together her new garden furniture. On my return 50 minutes later the table and chairs had been constructed and set up on a small patio area half way down the garden.

My mother and sons were sat in her living room chatting. After making myself a cup of Red Bush vanilla tea (it smells like marshmallows) I joined them. The conversation included such topics as the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow at the moment. What constitutes a member of The Commonwealth?  The Philippine Community Fund, including the jewellery and other accessories that the children make out of items that we would consider to be rubbish. Should Scotland become independent?   Should Britain leave the EU?

Pug was discussing ideas for his dissertation the year after next. He wants to do something that has not been done too often before. He is thinking along the lines of exploring the philosophy of sport.

Mother told us about some of the strange things she has had to deal with during her working life as a local government Solicitor. She explained to us the problems that have occurred with closed cemeteries. Then there was the time that a new housing development was being built and 12 sets of human bones were discovered. These turned out to be French Prisoners of war from The Napoleonic War.

I am proud to say that these two lads are able to have discussions on a variety of topics even ones that I wouldn’t expect young men to have the slightest interest in. My older two sons are also more than able to hold conversations on many topics, more so in fact.

Yet Owl tells me that he can’t talk to them because he is not interested in football.

There is more to my sons than a love of football.



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