Today I have been pretending.

It might have been a Bank Holiday here in UK but it has been a wet miserable Monday. So I have been pretending. No I wasn’t pretending to be a princess or an air hostess, I was pretending that I can be domestic when I want to.

Throughout my supposedly adult life I have done what I have to do to keep my family happy and healthy, but I have not really been naturally domestic. I cook, clean, and wash, as much as is needed. I have tried to give my family the home they deserved, without having to be too domesticated. Over the years I have knitted jumpers, sewn on buttons and repaired ripped trousers etc. I have even learnt how to cook without burning everything. My sons will never stop reminding me about the time Pug’s friend came to tea and I burnt a whole tray of smiley faces (potato shapes).  My current husband is even under the illusion that I am quite a good cook. I know they say practice makes perfect, well I guess I must have practised enough to be passable, another 20 years and I might be getting closer to perfect.

Today though I have been pretending to be a perfect housewife, I actually cleaned the oven. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I have cleaned the oven before just not as well as this. I am actually quite impressed that the oven racks are now gleaming chrome instead of blackened  metal.

What have you done recently that has been an achievement you have impressed yourself with?


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