Home alone again

For the second week I found myself home alone for most of Saturday. Owl is on a 3 day course that takes place on Saturdays. I had driven him into the city early in the morning before returning home. Skater was watching Soccer AM (which I hadn’t seen for years, there had been a time years ago, when it would have been on our tv every week.) He then went off with his skateboard to meet his friends for the afternoon.

After Soccer AM had finished I had surfed the channels and found a program I hadn’t heard of before (I don’t usually watch tv during the day), Fat, The fight of my life. I watched as a 25st (350lb) woman was put through her paces walking up a steep hill, completing a strenuous assault course, swimming and various other exercises. This got my mind thinking that I really should be going out for a walk while it was dry. So that is exactly what I did. We are lucky to have a country park very close to our home.

It was very muddy underfoot, not surprisingly after all the rain. In fact the footpath actually had a stream zigzagging along it. Even though the weather was mild it was still a little on the chilly side. I did have gloves in my pocket but didn’t wear them as I was busy taking lots of photos which isn’t easy with gloves on.

Here is a selection of my photos.

IMG_1450 I don’t remember the last time I saw a tree laden with catkins.

IMG_1455 first sign of new life

IMG_1457 and there it is…..the lake

IMG_1459 party time for the mallards

IMG_1473 a distant bridge


IMG_1482 No running up this hill for me (not at the moment anyway)

IMG_1484 nearly at the top

IMG_1485 looking back from the top



One comment on “Home alone again

  1. Debbie says:

    I think you’re missing some of the snow we’ve been getting here in Missouri. Thanks for sharing your pics!

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