The run around

On Monday I took a call from my Dr, she wanted me to have a course of antibiotics. I agreed to pick these up on Tuesday.

After work on Tuesday I went to the medical centre not quite sure if my prescription would with the receptionist or the adjoining pharmacy.

I queued up at the pharmacy waiting to be served. No it wasn’t there. That’s OK I will collect it from reception.

I queued up at reception in safe knowledge that it must be there. But alas, there was no sign of it. Checking the computer records the receptionist could see that it had been raised the previous day. Eventually she discovered that it had gone with the daily collection of prescriptions by the ASDA pharmacy, (I collect my repeat prescriptions from there every 2 weeks when I am doing the family shopping).

Next I drove the couple of miles to ASDA, waited for the assistant to finish with the customer she was serving. I gave my name and she disappeared behind the counter.Very quickly returning with a small red plastic basket containing my prescription. There were two prescriptions, the one I had come to collect plus the one for Bydureon. Which I expected to collect from the medical centre pharmacy on Friday when I see the practice nurse to learn about my new medication. The pharmacist explained that they didn’t have any Bydureon in stock so had ordered it in. This meant that I would have to return to ASDA to collect my medication on Wednesday or Thursday. I busied myself in the shop whilst my antibiotics were prepared.

Today I returned to collect my medication only to be told that they didn’t have anything for me. The staff were not the same as on Tuesday. I explained that the prescription had been there on Tuesday and they had ordered my prescription n for me. They checked their records, nothing they couldn’t even find a record of me. It turned out they were making a mistake in spelling my surname. Once they found my record I was told that their last dispensing for me had been in June. This is wrong but I wasn’t going to argue the point. It was then that the pharmacist (who had a strong foreign accent) asked me what was the name of my medication. I repeated it several times until she asked me to write it down. That is when the penny dropped, she rushed off  to collect my package from the refrigerator.

All this trouble just to get some tablets