This morning on the local radio they have been doing their usual ‘what’s the year?’ feature where they play a variety of songs and mention various news items from the featured year, over the course of about 45 minutes. Listeners then phone in their guesses for the year.

I hadn’t been paying attention as we were having a chat, when I heard Howzat by Sherbet. I couldn’t resist singing along. After the song ended I commented that the song must be nearly 40 years old. By my reckoning it must have been mid 70s. A little later I found myself singing along to Barry White ‘Let the music play‘ .  The song played before the year was revealed to be 1976 was Chicago ‘ If you leave me now‘.

What amazes me is that I can sing along to songs from 1976 with no problem but anything recent is more difficult even though I hear them regularly yet these old songs I only hear on rare occasions.

Singing is something I enjoy a great deal, it lifts my spirits even if nobody else enjoys my singing. Nothing will stop me if I feel like joining in with the radio.

I have these songs on vinyl, maybe I shall dig them and a few others out and play some of my old records whilst I write the next instalment of ‘my book’ which I am yet to find a title for.



2 comments on “Howzat

  1. Joyce says:

    I have never heard Howzat before! It must have been one of those British tunes that didn’t make it to our shores. Good tune.

  2. Hi Joyce I am sorry that you missed out on that one for all these years but glad you got to hear it now. 🙂

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