Making progress


Here goes, my first attempt at writing a post on my ibook, if this works bearing in mind that I am using an old version of safari on a wired connection, there will be no stopping me.


So here is the latest news from this crazy part of my world.


I am really looking forward to seeing Statto next weekend. He is staying with us on Saturday night in preparation  for taking part in The Great South run on Sunday morning before joining us for Sunday lunch. Not only am I looking forward to seeing my boy (who will be 23 this week) but he is bringing his girlfriend with him. It will be the first time we have met her so I am a little nervous, for all of us.


On the garden front I have been getting my daily fix of bird warching, sparrows, tits, starlings a plenty and my little Christopher Robin has been hopping around. He was investigating the garden at length which got me thinking maybe I should put up a Robin nest box. 

I have been making progress with my writing. I am thinking about persuading one of my characters to take up keeping tropical fish. To this end I have been researching the topic. I took my husband and my son to a local aquarium to see what is on offer. I am astounded by the amount of enthusiasm shown by both. They both think it could be a good idea but they are less than nonchelante about it.

Whilst out I picked up a Robin nest box which is now in situ.

The scene I am currently writing is now 3000+ words and developing a mind of its own. The characters are developing nicely and I am no long scared of writing conversation.






One comment on “Making progress

  1. Vincent says:

    good luck with the scene etc.

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