October Weekend

 I have finally managed to email this  post from my ibook using an ethernet connection.


This weekend has seen some bird watching, including a few visits from Christopher Robin, mostly on Saturday which was a dry day whereas Sunday has been wet wet wet. Owl blames me for all the rain, after he caught me singing and dancing in the kitchen last night wearing a new top which he says has an Indian pattern, I think it is more Aztec. He recons I was doing a rain dance.


The top was an impulse buy when I was in town with Skater sorting out his faulty phone, which isn’t covered by the warranty. I ended up getting him a new relatively cheap pay as you go phone, that he can put his SIM card into, his contract still has 14 months to go. Anyway when we had parked and begun to walk towards the shopping centre, we realised that it was colder than we had expected. I was wearing my zip up hoodie from San Francisco, which I never zip up. I tried to do it up only the zip broke, but when I tried to unzip the broken zip my red top got caught in the zip. By the time I had finished fiddling with it I had a 2” hole in my top around about where my belly button is. I just couldn’t face walking around town like that so headed for a shop that I thought had the best chance of selling cheap clothes big enough for my ample figure.


Skater now has a new Huawei Ascend, we had never heard of this make but were told they have been making phones for other companies for years before deciding to make their own. A couple of hours later Skater told me that he loves it, it has great apps. He is now in my debt for the rest of the month and probably beyond.


Once home I got stuck into my writing, I have given some of my characters more substance. I now have 8 character profiles, then I put my mind to working out exactly what I want my story line to be. I have written out a 116 word outline which I will try to stick to.


Once I had got this done I set to writing my third scene. I am now 1500 words into this, Skater has been reading it for me to and says that he would want to keep reading, from a 17 year old boy (almost 18) I take that as a huge compliment. None of my sons are known for reading fiction.


I am very pleased with progress so far.



I am getting ever frustrated with my inability to write as much as I would like.

I have this pc which although working and connected to the internet still has this jumping cursor problem. It takes forever to write the shortest piece of text.

I also now have a second hand ibook which is not connected to internet. I have  an airport card for it but even with the correct tools cannot undo the screw holding the keyboard down. Hence I cannot fit the airport card.

I have been developing my book, characters and scenes on the ibook. I want to copy the documents onto my pc. I tried using a memory stick, but the ibook didn’t find it even though it was merrily flashing away in one of the usb ports. Next I plugged in my external hard drive. This it could find, hurray 🙂  However when I tried to copy files onto the external hard drive (EHD) it couldn’t. I received a message saying EHD cannot be modified.

We tried everything we could think of.

I have now been advised to wipe all the files from my EHD then plug into ibook and format it for ibook then it should work with both computers.

Now I am going to copy one of the above paragraphs without correcting it so that you can see what I am dealing with.


I have been developing my book, characters and scenes on the ibook. I want to  copy e documents onto my pc. I tried using a memeory stick, but the ibook didn’t  find it even thing away in one of the usb ports. ugh it was merrily flasho. rD)fileds onto the external owever when I tried to copye. This it could find, hard drivext I plugged in my external h it couldn’t. I  modified.bee sayig EHD cannotreceived a messag.

Strangely that  wasn’t as bad as it can be.