Well this week I have been thinking that I must be jinxed when it comes to computers. Not only have there been ongoing problems with my laptop. But the computer I use at work went wrong too. Is this just unlucky or is it something I have done, I don’t know and if it is then I have no idea what. I don’t recall doing anything different.

Any way an IT engineer was called in, nice guy, he is well liked by us. Not only did he fix my work computer but gave me some advice on how to sort out this laptop. I have followed his advice and now my laptop is in a much better way. One thing I had noticed last week first at home and then the morning my work computer went wrong, my search engine changed to Delta. I didn’t want to change search engine so did everything I could to revert to google. IT man told me this seems to have been happening for about 6 months. It gets onto your computer either in an email or with a download. Once there it will repeatedly direct you to its own searches. He told me that I have to uninstall it and delete cookies otherwise it will keep coming back. So after a bit of work I have got rid of it.

Now that I have gone back to basics with my reinstalled windows 7 I need to find a software program that I can use now that I no longer have microsoft office on my computer. I do not want to pay the price required to get it put back when I have paid for it once already.  I have been advised to install Open office. I have searched online and found a variety of sites offering this package. Each time I have attempted to download these I get so far only to discover that part of the package which is not possible to avoid is the DELTA toolbar. Now why on earth would I want to install this when I have gone to the trouble of erasing it from my computer.

So now I am looking for alternative ways to get an office software onto my computer without including Delta.

It is just typical that now I want to write I don’t have a program to write with.

I also have developed a jumping cursor. I am finding that unless I type slowly my words become scrambled as the cursor jumps around, which is a real pain as I have to keep unscrambling what I have written.

Does anyone know how to solve this?