They’re back

About 10 days ago my bird feeder in the back garden was surrounded by approx 2 dozen starlings. Who said they were becoming an endangered species. They were hanging on the suet ball feeder, the peanut dispenser and the wild bird seed feeder. Those who couldn’t get there just yet were milling around on the floor picking up the dropped food.

Our family cat who had been watching from a distance launched herself towards the mass of wings and beaks. Instantly the birds scattered skywards.

Each day since then I have looked for evidence of a return. But the food in the feeders appears to be untouched. Once or twice I have witnessed a lone starling helping himself to the suet ball that has been hanging there since the mass scatter.

I could have been despondent but I knew that eventually I would see a return of my feathered friends. We are now beginning to feel the chill of autumn in the air. It won’t be long before the local bird population need to supplement their diet from feeders like mine.

This morning as I sat here in my kitchen with my first mug of tea of the day movement caught my eye. Small birdlike shapes descending                 on our cherry tree. Gradually these small birds moved out onto the nearby bird feeder. Grabbing my binoculars, I watched as a pair of great tits and a group of sparrows began feeding, soon they were chased off by a small group of starlings. Slowly the smaller birds grew in confidence joining their larger competition back on the feeder.

I am pleased to see the birds back again.


One comment on “They’re back

  1. Thanks for letting me camp out in your blog for a little while today. I had a great time and tried to leave my campsite as good as when I arrived. I’ll be back!

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