Computers and all that

A few weeks ago my computer decided that it didn’t like me any more.

How could I tell ?

The password that I have been using ever since I got this laptop suddenly couldn’t be recognised.

I had to start using a different profile, one that didn’t have Administrator status. Ok, so I could still use the internet. I could still write.

But I could’t perform admin functions.

It would only be a matter of time before my computer began to break down.

I googled how to get past the password problem.

What I read was not encouraging.

So I decided to re-install windows.

Hey presto everything back to normal …………..not!

Newly installed windows 7 but no internet driver.

Luckily I had just one more day before my son Pug goes off to Uni again.

He managed to rescue my computer, get the internet back and sort out one or two other issues.

All I need to do now is get windows office back so that I can continue with my writing.

By the way I now have 2 short stories completed. It is now my intention to continue writing these short stories all based on the same set of characters. I can then put them together, fill in the gaps and turn them into a longer story/book.