Time to write

Saturday morning the sun is shining and we have had a relatively calm week at home which is just as well as I have had a busy few days at work.

My short story has been well received by those in my office who have been privileged to read it. Now I am writing a second short story which may well end up being chapter two of a short book….you never know. In the past when I have written fiction I have put it online for my friends to read. Now I am not doing that until I have decided what to do with it.  I have been told for years that I should get my writing published. After several years I am finally coming to believe that I might be ready to investigate further.


9 comments on “Time to write

  1. marmitetoasty says:

    yes you should be writing and publishing……… xx

  2. Lilian Druve says:

    Go for it! Making money from your blog or other writing is great!

  3. See? How funny to me. It’s been years that I’ve been writing and developing and creating. But just now am I debating to submit my works for possible publishing. Good post, thanks for it.

  4. Debbie says:

    There is confidence in you everywhere, it is obvious! I vote “yes”!

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