The table

I am spending  my sunny Saturday morning cleaning and writing.

Among the things I want to clean is the glass coffee table.

I have cleared everything from it, dusted it.

The furniture polish is upstairs, on my way upstairs I spot the dead flowers in a vase on the dining table.

Take vase to kitchen. Take dead flowers out to refuse bin in front garden by the hedge.

Pass hanging baskets looking a bit dreary.

Fill watering can from water butt hiding behind now wildly growing clematis.

Water 4 baskets, 2 of which contain nasturtians, these have become infested with black fly. Its a pity ladybugs are in short supply this year.

Pour remaining water into bird bath.

Go through to back garden to find appropriate fly spray in shed.

It isn’t there but whilst I’m in the back garden I will set up the garden chairs for later.

Check bird feeders

Notice that under the hedge there is something growing that I hadn’t expected to see.

We know we have a few strawberries growing, the rhubarb isn’t doing well at all and the cherries have been stripped bare by the starlings. But I had no idea that we had a raspberry bush growing. Shows how we have left that part of the garden alone this year but there are several ripe berries there now. I wonder who will get them first us or the birds?raspberry bush

Any way on my way back inside to look for the fly spray I have noticed my laptop open on the breakfast bar where I had earlier been writing a bit more about our trip to USA.

So now instead of cleaning the coffee table I am writing about not cleaning it. Time to go and find the polish so I can finish the task I had set out to do.