I am tired, very tired in fact. I have been poorly, so poorly that when I went back to the office on Tuesday after our long Easter weekend I got sent home. I didn’t return to work until Friday. I felt that having managed 4 hours sleep I was nearly back to being human. So would attempt to pretend that I do still belong to the human race. I arrived at the office at approximately 7.45am and by 8.30 was wishing it was nearly time to go home. I only recall 2 or 3 times when I nearly fell asleep at my desk.

Now it is Sunday morning I have been up for 2 hours, my mind is full of things I want/need to do today, the sun is shining again, could this be the start of spring (two consecutive days of blue skies and sunshine). Yet my body is trying to go back to sleep.

Now my dilemma is do I soldier on and feel shattered later or do I give in to my need for sleep and miss half the day?