A Mother’s Day

Now that we are married I need to get my name changed in all sorts of places. My driving licence and passport are currently residing with DVLA along with one of our two marriage certificates. If anyone needs proof of my identity in the next few weeks it will have to be a utility bill plus marriage certificate. Neither of which have my photo and actually since we moved in together I don’t pay the utility bills any more. For several weeks prior to our marriage I have been trying to make a call to my local bank to sort out the paperwork etc that goes with changing my name. I have left several voice mail messages for someone to call me back to make an appointment.

So yesterday (Saturday …the day before Mothers’ day) I set of to visit the bank. I try to avoid the multi storey car park as the way in is one of those spiral ramps not so easy to negotiate in our Chevrolet Blazer. There are two places I could park for a limited time for free. Having queued to get in to town I managed to get in to the first car park, but spaces were a thing of dreams on this Saturday morning. Refusing to rejoin the traffic in the centre of town I took a side street that led away from the town centre. Circumventing the town I arrived at the local Tesco Extra (not the one near to my mum’s house).

Of course I was not the only driver searching for the elusive space. Finally as I was rounding a bend at the far side of the car park miracle of miracles a 4×4 was leaving and by chance I was the nearest vehicle. My luck had changed, I was in. It was a short walk in to the town centre from here (I was planning to shop here later). The bank in this town closes quite early on Saturdays so that had to be my priority. It was on my walk towards the bank that I realised, in my hurry to get out of the house I had forgotten to bring the remaining marriage certificate. I continued on my way as I had a rare cheque to pay in. Whilst there I managed to make an appointment for next week.

Back at Tesco (not my usual shopping venue) it was still heaving with humanity. I don’t think the car parking in town was this bad even at Christmas. I won’t bore you with a detailed account of my shopping. But when I got home Owl had been wondering where I had got to.

Next week Skater is going on a trip to Cardiff with his college, he needs a suitable bag to take with him, his brother Statto had agreed to lend him a bag. We were going to visit Statto last weekend but he was away so we decided to make it this Sunday. Being Mothering Sunday Statto booked a table for four for lunch. I was surprised he was able to book a table at such short notice. We arrived at the house he shares with four fellow students, at about 11am. There was time for us to have a well needed cup of tea and a chat with 2 of  his friends before setting out for our 12.30 booking.

Oh what fun we had, I have obviously been to Statto’s house a number of times in the first year he lived there(last year he was living and working in Sheffield for work experience). However I have never driven in or around the city itself. Owl on the other hand has lived there but many years ago and things have changed. Statto has spent 2.5 years there but doesn’t drive. Can you imagine the confusion of driving through busy streets trying to be in the right lane at the right time in a very unfamiliar place being directed by two people who knew different ways around. Anyway we made it, managed to park in a street close to where we were going to be eating.

I had been somewhat alarmed when Statto had told me he had booked a table in an Argentinian Restaurant. I didn’t know we had such a creature in our fair country. He hadn’t been there himself but had heard good reviews. To be honest it was very different to any restaurant I had visited before. There were people of all ages there, it isn’t the kind of place where you can have a quiet conversation with your meal. Some of the walls were adorned with white corrugated sheets, probably a heavy duty plastic, others were painted with blue sky and fluffy white clouds. There were large squares of grass (obviously not real but prints) on the ceiling among the large chrome lights.

The food whilst not cheap was not over priced, we all chose different items from the menu which heavily featured steak of one type or another. Both my boys tried something that was new to them. We all enjoyed our meal, even above the noise we managed to chat about a variety of subjects. All too soon it was time to leave, Statto was due to play football in the afternoon and we wanted to get back home.

If you get the chance to eat in an Argentinian restaurant I can recommend it as a good experience. When we got home I received a card from Statto and Skater and discovered messages from Pug in snowy Norwich and Prodigal in New York.

Menu from restaurant


3 comments on “A Mother’s Day

  1. Mig says:

    You know I think any opportunity to eat with your grown up kids is brilliant. Argentinian just adds cachet! But what did you eat? What was on the menu? No Argentinian restaurants anywhere near here!

  2. I believe there are only a couple in the UK. The one we went to is about an hour away from you and the other nearer 2 hours. The menu is predominantly steaks. I had a steak sandwich as it was lunch time.

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