In honour of James

Last night I went with Owl to our favourite local country pub. They have live music on Friday evenings, we have not been for a while as we are both tired at the end of the week. But we had agreed earlier in the week that we would go. The entertainment for the evening was Shep Woolley which we thoroughly enjoyed.

I had seen him once before when he was the after dinner speaker at one of the Rotary dinners I attended with my mother (probably 3 or 4 years ago).  If you have never seen him then you have missed out on a very entertaining evening. Not only does he sing and play guitar oh and also a ukulele and mouth organ to boot. But his anecdotes and impressions are hilarious.

Usually when we go out I stick to drinking either orange juice or other fruit drinks, I am the only driver in this household at the moment. But last night I allowed myself to have a glass of merlot.

I had some sad news yesterday, a very close friend of my mother’s died, James had been moved into a nursing home last week. I knew he probably wouldn’t be with us for much longer but didn’t expect him to go quite so quickly. During the break in Shep’s routine I had phoned my mum to see how she was, I am concerned about her as she had been extremely close to James, at one point I wouldn’t have been suprised if they had married. I was telling Owl about various memories I have of James. He was in fact the master of ceremonies for the Rotary club up until about 18 months ago and so would have been at the time when Shep was entertaining us. It was James who at one of the many dinners/and other evening events I had attended had introduced me to drinking red wine. Until then I had preferred to drink white.

So it was in honour of James that I decided to have a glass of the red stuff.