Tables for 4

On Sunday I mentioned that we met friends for a drink. The pub we chose is in a village between our home and theirs. We know the pub well, Owl has been a regular for several years. We often pop in there on our way home form other places. It is one of those pubs that do a raring food trade.

We had arranged to meet at 12.30pm, we hadn’t been there since the new owners took over a couple of weeks ago but we didn’t expect much to have changed. We were not disappointed very few changes were evident other than the staff in the bar. After a chat with a few locals that Owl has known for sometime we found a table to wait for our friends. It was a table set for two with a bench seat and a stool so there was room for all four of us once our friends arrived. But it wasn’t very long before we were asked to move as the table was booked for 1.30pm for a couple who had just arrived.

But we could have the table in the corner until the 2.30pm party booked in for that table arrived. We had been at this second table for perhaps 15 minutes when the people at the next table left so we shifted along to our third table as there was slightly more room for all of us to sit. We had been discussing our arrangements for a day we will be spending together next week. When we were advised that our third table was now needed. By this time we had ordered food ourselves so another table at the other end of the bar was found for us.

Finally we were sat at our fourth and final table for the day. We enjoyed our food along with the fellas trying to outdo each other with their ‘Petrol head’ knowledge. I for one never knew that not only do cars have a model and possibly a trim name but also the engine itself has a name. I now know that the name of the engine used in Chevrolet Blazer is Polestar.