Sunny afternoons

Love is a Sunday evening listening to Owl reading extracts of Jeremy Clarkson’s book. Having spent the afternoon in a country pub with two friends.

It has been a great weekend. The sun has been good enough to keep me warm whilst wandering around in the not too fresh air.

We spent Saturday afternoon at our beach retreat (static caravan). We are now officially trailer trash (of the best kind). We found an unexpected sight when we arrived. Last summer a lot of work was done to improve the beach, building breakwaters and adding many tonnes of sand. We knew that the work had been completed during the summer so we were surprised to witness a barge pumping tonnes more sand onto the beach which was then moved by various heavy plant.

Anyway we enjoyed a quiet time in our van basking in the sun, followed by a walk not along the beach but just behind it. It was great to be walking around without a coat looking at the sea and sun dreaming of the summer to come.

Later we spent the evening (well the later part of it because Owl had been napping earlier) watching our new dvd. Last week trawling through the TV schedule we had settled on a program we didn’t know called ‘Strike Back’. Which when it ended had both of us wanting more. Checking online I discovered that it was a series from SKY TV back in 2010 and 2011. Using my Amazon skills I managed to obtain series one.

Sunday morning saw the sun again streaming through the window of our bedroom allowing us a bright but sleepy start to the day. Once up and about we drove over to visit my mother to put right her mini crisis over her curtain rail that had begun to come adrift. From there we headed off for our afternoon of laughter with friends.

Now we are about to watch the next part of Strike back.

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