How to for dummies

Today Owl and I had planned to visit our beach retreat. Foolish we may be but to go down there on an inclement day like this would have been beyond stupid. The weather forecaster last night promised atrocious weather and they were not wrong. So this morning laying in bed listening to the wind and rain lashing against our window we made one of our wiser decisions and decided to stay close to home.

However, much as I would have liked to stay indoors, supping hot tea, eating buttery toast and whiling away my time writing and reading blogs I did have to venture out. These kitchen cupboards have not yet learnt how to restock themselves without more than a little help from yours truly. I persuaded Skater to go with me(actually he didn’t need persuading but that sounds better when referring to a “teenager”).

I think it is good for them sometimes to go with us when we shop so that they can see what we go through in the interest of keeping them fed, watered and cleaned. The hour we spent meandering around seemingly aimlessly but in fact in a strict routine. (Owl says I am the only woman he knows who can go shopping without a list). It is when I go off route that I forget things. Turned out to be fairly painless, oh apart from the ever increasing bill at the end that is.

It was on the short drive home that it happened. I have a pet hate, okay so I have several pet hates but this one is the one I am fuming about today. We hadn’t gone very far before I saw one then another quickly followed by two more. In the space of maybe 500 yards I passed 7  yes 7 stupid idiots who have been allowed to drive their cars without fully understanding the concept of poor visibility. Perhaps it should become part of the theory test that they have to take these days.


Before you use “Mirror, signal and manouvre” please insert. Engage brain and turn on lights when it is raining, especially when heavy enough to have wipers on at full speed.

Why is it that every single time we have bad weather there are hundreds of drivers who do not understand that just because they can see other vehicles it doesn’t mean that we can easily see them.

Does this occur in other countries?


3 comments on “How to for dummies

  1. Mart Dawson says:

    It makes me so mad when the lunatics tailgate you go down the road. Lorries are the worst culprit, they want to go at their speed and that’s it if that means shoving you out the waythey will do it. How many times do lorries stop, not many, its because they don’t want to keep changing gears. I must say I couldn’t care less about their gears, if they drive dangerously they desrve to have accidents, the problem is you they take innocent people down with them.
    As you may have guessed a lorry ignored a give way across the front of me this morning in the snow. Sorry rant over, but the lights I totally agree with you.

  2. I have to agree with you about the lorries, I hate it when they fill your rear window as though they are trying to get into the car with you. Before we moved I had to travel along our local motorway daily in the rush hour. There is one section where it goes from 4 lanes to 3 and there are frequent accidents. I always worry that if I have to stop suddenly with a lorry tailgating me he won’t be able to stop and I will be crushed.
    I was married to a lorry driver and even in my car he used to drive as though he was in his lorry, pulling out at junctions expecting everyone else to let him out because he was bigger, I guess it could be classed as bullying.

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