My alphabet

Reading this post by Pete Denton has given me an idea. I am not going to register for this challenge and I won’t do it in the way that it has been set up. However I shall use the idea to give me a prompt on the many occasions when I want to write but have no inspiration. These posts will not follow any particular schedule or format. It will be a case of as and when and pot luck. The one rule I will give myself is that the post must be centred around something beginning with the next letter of the alphabet. Starting now with the letter A.

For me thinking about the letter A, there are a number of things that cross my mind such as A is for apple, isn’t this where most of us begin  to learn our alphabet when we are very young children. This leads me to thinking about apples, my favourites are the crunchy, juicy bright green Granny Smiths. A distant relative in my past life (my previous marriage) was known as granny smith for obvious reasons and she detested it and tried to persuade her family to call her ‘Pippin’ instead. Some of my boys like the lighter variety ‘golden delicious’ my mother prefers red apples of differing varieties. I quite like pink lady but stand by my all time favourites being granny smith. Which is your favourite variety of apple?

A is also for angels, I wonder why it is that when we picture angels we think mostly of female angels (rather like fairies) or little cherubs with their trumpets or bow and arrow. Yet if we think of Arch Angels they tend to be male like Michael, Gabriel or Raphael.

Another A is my favourite armchair, it is one that I inherited from my mother, it doesn’t match the rest of our chairs but I find it very comfortable and it’s straight back is good for my back, I really don’t like chairs that are so deep that you have to lean back, apart from being poor support for my back they make my belly look even bigger than it needs to 😦 .

A is for arrival/arrived/arriving. At this point in time I feel that I have arrived at a time in my life when I am happy with who I am, where I am and who I am with. I am currently awaiting the arrival of that special day when I become Owl’s wife. Some time later this year I am looking forward to the arrival of his offspring who I am yet to meet properly although we have chatted on Skype loads of times.

Now the time has arrived for me to get off my butt and get ready to go out into the Saturday morning rain.