Question for you

Here is a question for you.

I am sure that all of you have at one time or another and some of you have frequently used Wikipedia.

So my question is what was the last thing you looked up on wikipedia?

Oddly the last thing I (together with my Owl) looked up was La Vache qui rit. ………..


3 comments on “Question for you

  1. Joyce says:

    I looked up the word “ma’am”, as my blog yesterday made reference to it. I sort of already knew that it was a deriviative of “madam” but wanted to see if there was anything else that I didn’t know. I was going to include that information in my post, but couldn’t find a good way to fit it in.

    • I did read your post last night, it was very interesting to see how different people say the same things differently.
      I know wikipedia isn’t 100% accurate but it is a very useful tool.

  2. Something historical. I think it was Machu Picchu.

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