Owl asked me a few moments ago …….

“would you have liked to have had a daughter”

When my boys were young I felt that it didn’t really make a lot of difference to me whether my children were boys or girls except that I didn’t get to buy pretty dresses or style hair. What I did get to do was get involved with running a youth football (soccer) club. But note I said youth football club I didn’t say boys’ football club. We had both boys teams and girls teams. It is a great pity that girls have to stop playing in boys teams when they move up to 11 a side at the age of 11. One little girl who played in my youngest son’s team when they were little now plays for Chelsea FC Centre of Excellence for girls.

Anyway I digress, would I have liked to have had a daughter?

I always thought that it would be once my children had grown up to be young adults that I would miss having a daughter. I would miss out on the mother daughter trips to the shops trying on clothes and shoes etc. But then I never really did that with my own mother more than once or twice. But to be honest I don’t yet feel I have missed out .

Now that I live with Owl I shall have a daughter by proxy sort of……

Owl has a daughter, a grown up teenage daughter of the grand age of 18. Just right for those trips down the hight street window shopping and drinking coffee. Only Owl’s daughter lives with her mother on the other side of the world. So I make do by having a part time step daughter (well eventually it will become official) who we speak to on Skype and on the phone sometimes. I get to worry about her along side Owl.