Stupid or what?

Yes I know nothing for weeks then two posts in one day!

Statto came to stay last night, he will be back again tonight but not  until late. Anyway I offered to give him a lift to the station this afternoon he was going on a first date. Owl has been poorly all week but was looking and sounding better today. I suggested that he came along for the ride just to get out of the house. Although it has been sunny today it was still cold. I decided that I didn’t need to wear a coat as I would be in the car (the one that has no heating) and we would only be about 10 minutes.

After we had dropped statto off Owl was saying how good it was to be out of the house. I decided that it would be nice to go for a short drive in the sunshine. Taking a detour out toward the village pub that we enjoy visiting once or twice a week. Not that we have been there for about 2 weeks.

Just prior to where we turn off for the pub we took a right turn following a road we hadn’t been along before. We didn’t use a map (although the SAT NAV was in the glove compartment) we didn’t even discuss using it. I just drove. It was lovely being out in the countryside in the sun. I followed lanes that twisted this way and that, up steep slope and down even steeper ones. Along lanes where rain water was running off the fields. Bumped over pot holes, squeezed up against hedges to allow other large 4 x 4’s to pass on single track lanes. Daffodils were growing in patches, as were crocuses, I also saw some snow drops along one bank.

It really was a lovely drive. Countryside bathed in February sunshine, just perfect for taking photos. Where was my camera…oh yes at home. I say my camera but really I mean my iphone which I love taking photos with. When we had left the house I had taken nothing but my car keys. Owl had his iphone with him but when I pulled up at the side of the road to take a particular picture of the sun glowing on a line of trees, it wouldn’t work it was stuck on an update.

By this time my hands were becoming very cold, the temperature had dropped from the 7c it had been when we left home to just 4c. If I had worn my coat I would have been able to put on my gloves. Had I brought my purse we could have stopped at one of the quaint village pubs to have a warming beverage. But no I had gone out with nothing but my keys. It was right after we had stopped to take photos that the road we were on turned sharply north between woods. Plunging into the shadows away from the bright sun it turned even colder.

By the time we found ourselves back on the road to home I had been driving for nearly an hour and the sun was fast sinking below the hills to the west. Such a beautiful sunset too with pale pink and gold running across the sky. All we can do now is hope that we have the opportunity to repeat our drive (next time armed with coat, gloves and camera) in the not too distant future.

One comment on “Stupid or what?

  1. Joyce says:

    Sounds lovely! An Iphone does take good pictures. That’s usually what I use.

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