Battery low

It has now been almost 3 weeks since my sore throat/cold started. In that time I have probably had 2 good nights sleep, most nights I have given up trying to sleep in my nice warm comfy bed and made my way down stairs to sit upright on sofa. All this coughing and lack of sleep meant that I found myself at my desk on Friday struggling to stay awake. Being early January work was fairly slow and I had caught up on all the loose ends I had. Scratching around to find things to make it look as though I was busy it occurred to me that this was beyond stupid. Why on earth was I struggling to stay awake in order to try to find things to do. It was about 12.45pm when I made my way down the stairs to the ladies loo in the hope that stretching my legs might wake me up a bit.

I passed my manager on the stairs, she (out of habit) asked if I was all right? I told her I was absolutely shattered and asked if she would mind if I took a half day. (We finish at 4pm on Fridays and my lunch break was not until 1.30pm so it was hardly worth taking a half day). She agreed that I could take the rest of the day off but she would allow me a couple hours at another time to make up the half day. 🙂

I turned off my computer and tidied my desk (that was quicker than usual as not much on it any way) told my colleagues I was going home. I walked out with my friend Loopy who was off on an errand. When I got to my truck the key fob didn’t work I had to unlock the door manually. Ok it does this now and again, I have learnt to wait a few minutes then try again. After trying to turn the engine on a few times I realised that normally the engine turns over but the immobiliser won’t let it start, this time however it was doing nothing.

I phoned Owl to let him know the situation, I thought I would see if one of the guys from another office in our building could help. I had heavy duty jump leads in the back of the truck but wasn’t able to open up the back even using the key. Loopy returned from her errand and noticed I was still there so came over to see if I was ok.  Owl didn’t think it could be the battery as we had a new one only 6 months ago. I was convinced it had to be something to do with the battery but Owl disagreed due to it being a new battery.

Re-entering the building to find help we passed our manager again so she came to have a look (unlike me who knows a bit about most things she knows a lot about them). she climbed into the passenger seat, almost immediately she asked “what’s this?” oooopps that is what it was. The heater in our truck doesn’t work properly it needs a new matrix apparently. So we have a small plug in heater which throws out  a small amount of heat but more importantly helps to demist the windows. I don’t often use it but on this day I was running late and the windows had misted up.  On my arrival at work I had forgotten to unplug the heater which had continued to work even without the engine running. Hence the battery had run flat.

A brief charge with the jump leads and I was finally able to make my escape, only instead of a short dash home to bed it was a drive down the local A road for 10 miles and back to give the engine a recharge…..good thing it was a sunny afternoon.

It was 2.45pm by the time I stumbled through the door, had a cup of tea and a chicken wrap before falling on the bed to sleep for a couple of hours.