It must be Sunday

It is Sunday 6th January 2013 I started this blog in order to get back into writing. But what to write? I have been poorly since Christmas which has meant being stuck indoors. An ideal opportunity to get plenty of writing time. Yes but I might have had the time but being stuck indoors and not seeing anyone other than the other occupants of the house, it meant that same old problem. Nothing to inspire my imagination.

Today I am feeling better or at least better than I had been. Not having done a shop since before Christmas the cupboards are all but bare. The fridge has things in it though, half a jar of pickled onions, some potato salad and coleslaw left over from boxing day. (I must throw them out before they walk out of their own accord). Cheese, we have red leicester, mature cheddar, brie, cheese slices, triangles, soft cheese with sweet chilli, half a pack of bacon and a lone strawberry trifle. So today I made the decision that I must go shopping.

Owl was happy to go with me …..hmmm something is afoot, he doesn’t like shopping, he gets bored!. But first he wanted to off load the cardboard we had gained over the last week or so. Not all of it from Christmas but from finally reducing the number of boxes still requiring to be unpacked. Oh and my exercise bike which finally put in an appearance on Friday. (My Christmas present from Owl….he took so long getting around to ordering it before the big day I told him to wait until the sales).

So we loaded up the truck ….did I tell you that since meeting Owl I now drive an American Chevrolet Truck. I trundled through the town towards the amenity tip. As we neared the tip I knew that as soon as we rounded the last bend in the road we would know if the tip was busy.  Our local tip is only small and there is no room for cars to queue, other than on the road. There was already a long row of vehicles parked on the road past the entrance, the occupants walking their rubbish back to the tip. But the queue waiting to get in, tailed away into the distance, quickly we decided that it would be quicker and more fuel efficient (always something to consider with a V6 engine) to drive  15 miles to another (bigger) tip.

I had been hearing on the radio all week about the bypass having a lane closed so I was a little apprehensive about getting stuck in traffic but it was fine. Arriving at our destination I drove around to the mixed card and paper skip whilst Owl took the other bits over to the household rubbish area. We could only have been there for 5 minutes but as we were driving away we noticed the queue that had grown waiting to get into the tip in the few minutes we had been there. Good timing on our part I think.

Is there ever a Sunday in UK when there are no queues as amenity tips? What does this say about us as a nation?