Different decorations

      Last week we had a lunch date with Owl’s sister and brother in law. But first Owl gave them a quick tour of our house so they could see the changes we have made since their last visit. Neither of us had given it a thought but Sis(Chicken) noticed our unusual decorations in our bedroom. It was something Owl had done as a joke one day. We both decided that we liked it, (we do like to be a little different anyway). Besides being as short as I am, I am not able to take it down without getting a set of steps to stand on. ImageDoes anyone else have a pair of shoes decorating their doorway in this manner. This is a pair of red spangley high heeled shoes that I bought from ebay about 2.5 years ago. I was looking for some comfortable black court shoes to wear in the office but couldn’t resist buying these when I saw them. I think I have worn them out twice since then but they do make an unusual door decoration don’t you think.

Anyone who knows me knows that I like my shoes.