Boxing Day

Boxing Day Chez Owl…Just the way I like to wake in the mornings …..a cup of tea being placed beside me. “The Refectory has become a dormitory” he mutters …..ah that will be my boys he is referring to then. Statto and Prodigal had opted to sleep on a sofa and the living room floor respectively rather than bunking down with their brothers in Skater’s room.

Sometime later …..actually several hours later, I am preparing to make breakfast for everyone…..remember all those pigs in blankets? Another ton of potatoes peeled, boiled and mashed, fresh vegetables steamed in my new 3 tier steamer (courtesy of my brother and sister-in-law for Christmas …I think this has been used and where are the instructions then?)

Why are the pigs in blankets still in their packs on the work top? both Owl and I had thought the other had put them in the oven. In the meantime we had gone into crossword zone along with my mother. So while the pigs were cooking I prepared the table and all the side dishes ie pickles and cold meats to go with the pigs and bubble & squeak. As usual time had marched along.

Skater announces that his girlfriend (Elf) and her mother were not now coming to pick him up at 3pm but were already on their way over here. “there’s someone knocking on the door”. Turn the oven down, welcome our visitors, exchange gifts and pleasantries, Skater makes a cup of tea for (Elf’s mother). They were not here for very long but just long enough for the pigs to be salvageable  and within minutes of Skater and Elf leaving (with Elf’s mother naturally) the rest of us were sat down filling our plates with Bubble and pigs, pickles and coleslaw. Lunch was followed by the Christmas pudding that we didn’t manage to eat yesterday,

Brandy, we needed brandy to pour over the pudding. Trying to light it with a lighter didn’t work, neither did the first half dozen matches. Well its obvious isn’t it? You can’t actually light liquid, it has to be the fumes. Ok we poured more brandy onto the pudding ….yes it did light but not for long enough to get from the kitchen to dinning table. After 3 more attempts we take the pudding to the table and light it there… now there is about half a bottle of brandy so there are enough fumes to stay alight for much longer now. Of course I had to have brandy sauce with my pudding….good thing I wasn’t driving anywhere today hic!


2 comments on “Boxing Day

  1. I’d love to see a recipe for the Christmas pudding

  2. Hi Molly B, it was a bought pudding not home made. I did however make my own cake this year for the first time in about 25 years.

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